Babyshow shopping

Firstly sorry for the dip in posting, I seem to have caught some kind of coughing/sore throat/tiredness bug thing, so spent most of the weekend trying to take naps through coughing fits – lovely! Am feeling a bit more perkier today so will try to get things moving again. And our scan has been rebooked for friday, so yay we get to see bump again and hopefully find out if we’re team pink or blue!

Okay so how was the Babyshow, well busy but fun. We got there as it opened and so the first hour wandering around was lovely but then it just got busier and busier. It was hard work getting to see the stands due to the amount of people and Chloe was a little stir crazy by then. We did miss out on some stands that I wanted to see, there was just so much there, it would have been nice if they had released the floorplan on the friday it opened so that I could have planned our route around better and next time if we go again I think I’ll leave Chloe at home with Nanny. We tried to see if she wanted to go play in the creche but that was a big no no!

So what did we get, we I’d heard a lot of people saying there werent many freebies this year and I think that’s true but to be honest the freebies were generally a sample of fairy washing powder, a mini can of diet coke and a ton of catalogues and leaflets from what I remember last year so that didn’t really bother me too much. What does always bother me is the lack of seating for lunchtime, overpriced and not that child/toddler friendly options for lunch and of course the queues for the toilets! Still we did get a lot of stuff, excuse the poor pic but here’s our haul, I wont go through everything in the picture or I’ll be here all day!

So the first thing missing from the picture is our new pram! We managed to get a purple Stokke Xplory, I love the Stokke range of goods, Chloe still uses her Tripp Trapp highchair daily so that’s another Stokke thing on the shopping list. We didnt get a massive discount but we knew we wanted it and I feel so much better having it on order, it should be here in a few weeks – eeks!

We got some clothes from Pumpkin Patch, again I love their stuff, it fits perfectly and is so well made, but is expensive to buy full price, they had 20% off on the day and of course you didnt have to pay any delivery. So we got a gorgeous outfit and skirt for Chloe and some vests for bump – although might have to find a new home for the boyish ones if we’re on team pink and vice versa! We could have bought a ton of stuff from there but we were running out of spending funds by then!

We also picked up some cloth nappies, 2 of the new gNappies and the matching Bloom dress – looks gorgeous on and perfect for the lovely weather we’re having. I got some of the gNappy inserts (expensive as they only come in a pack of 6 I think it was), will update more once we’ve used them a bit, I do just wish they were snaps and not velcro though! And we snapped up a few more of the Tots Bots Teenyfit nappies at a bargain price and we got a few bibs and things from the Close stand, the car seat protector is so funky in the pink owls print. I think we’ll deff have to get one for the Xplory and for bumps car seat, I love the blue turtles print too!

We got some red Crocs for Chloe as she’d out grown her last pair and they’re great for summer in the garden. A few little bits from Mam, Milton and some other bits. The Tommee Tippee set was free from subscribing to Prima Baby for a year. It’s always nice to have something to read when you’re waiting for appointments etc.

And we bought a personalised picture for Chloe from Frame My Name, I’ve always wanted to get one and this was gorgeous looking and at a great price. Just waiting for it to be made up and arrive and I’ll take a pic!

So we did get a lot of bits, but we still have tons to get of course, once we know bump’s team then we’ll get the carseat and isofix base ordered. And the beside crib and bouncer/activity bits and bobs will come in the next month or so. Need to sort out Chloe’s old bits if it’s a girl and sort through the boyish/girly nappies too. Will hopefully be able to sell on those we dont need without losing any money due to buying on offer etc and buy more we do need! Cant wait to go newborn clothes shopping too! Have already told OH we might have to go somewhere after the scan and pick up a few official pieces!

Okay so ramble over, it’s taken me all day to write this as I’ve been feeling worse and worse, can hardly talk now and Chloe is running a temp so she’s feeling pretty grotty too. Hopefully it will be out of our systems in a few days and we can enjoy friday, the weekend (hopefully OH will have it off) and of course the long bank holiday! We might even pop down to see the family, hope everyone’s enjoying the lovely weather!

Michelle xx

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