Long weekend update

Well we had a really lovely, busy long weekend, firstly Daddy had the whole four days off, yay! And we had a surprise treat of staying in a 5* hotel for the night whilst we were down visiting my family from FIL, which was a total surprise and amazing! It was lush – pics to follow on that as most are on my camera.

So we spent the Saturday doing a spot of shopping, Sunday we travelled down and saw my mum and had a lovely roast dinner (the best yorkshire puds) and then we stayed in the posh hotel and I mean super posh with a huge bed, room service, roll top bath, and massive power shower, bliss! Then on Monday we saw my Dad, Aunty, Cousin and Grandparents and had a lovely walk in the woods with six, yes six, doggies! Chloe loved throwing the balls for them.

And then yesterday we went out and bought a few bits for Chloe and had a lovely evening of a takeout and a movie. Today is the washing catch up day, it might take me all week but it was such a lovely weekend! I wish there were more four day weekends we could spend with Daddy and family, a shame the weather was a bit pants but still we cant have everything.

Lots more pictures to come once I’ve caught up with everything!! Hope everyone else had a lovely time, I still cant quite believe we’re on Wednesday!

Michelle xx

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