Our lovely stay at The Grove Hotel

So as I mentioned in my other post, last sunday we had the chance to stay the night in a 5* hotel thanks to the generosity of OH’s dad. We didnt really get to see much of the place as we were down in Hertfordshire visiting my family, so arrived at The Grove at 7pm and left the next morning at around 11am to make our way to go see some more family before we drove home. But the short stay was lovely, it was definitely the perfect recharging of batteries that we needed.

Chloe loved everything, from the room and the selection of toys left out for her to play with, to the food (she even had milk and handmade cookies on arrival) and she slept like an angel hogging most of the king sized bed! Sorry about the rubbish pics but in my excitement to take a pic of everything before we decamped and messed it all up, I just used my phone!

I loved the bathroom, roll top bath, big walk in power shower (heaven) and a gorgeous sink – if we could afford it all in our house then I’d be a happy girl! The goodies in the mini bar were soo expensive, £3 for a small tube of Pringles, £4 for a little bottle of Coke, I didnt even look at how much the Champagne was! Oh course it was all expensive as even beakfast (which we had in the room, very nice!) was £22 for a continental and £26 for a continental/cooked breakfast – oh and plus 10% for having it as room service so that’s an easy £50!! It was all nice though, OH said it was the best cooked breakie he’s had and luckily enough it was included in the night’s stay (thank you again to FIL!).

Oh and one thing I thought was a little cheeky was this cute donkey that was on the table, which at first I thought, oh that’s sweet a present for Chloe but you guessed it, it had a £10 price tag on it. We ended up getting it for her anyway as it was super cute and is a nice momento of our stay but I bet they sell everyone they leave in a room with children!

So we had a lovely weekend and a lovely night’s sleep, I cant say if we’d stay there again as I think it was £300 odd for the night and that was on a half price Jubilee special offer, so it’s not likely that we’d have the spare cash to want to spend on a night’s stay! But it was fab enjoying the high life for awhile, am just gutted I forgot to take good pictures with the camera and we didnt have time to wander around but still it was lovely.

Michelle xx

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