FuzziBunz launches UK site and affiliate program, plus 10% discount code and free delivery


Firstly please excuse the delay in posting this, I did mean to get this up on Monday but better late than never! So, FuzziBunz have opened up a UK site that stocks everything in the FuzziBunz range, BTP and sized nappies, boosters, bags, wipes, breast pads, training pants, comfort pads (CSP) – the list goes on and on! I love our FuzziBunz Elite nappies, see the review here – which is not linked to this at all and I bought the nappies in it with my own pennies way before this program was mentioned! And so I was super happy that there’d be a place to get everything in their extensive range.

FuzziBunz are a great brand, they’ve been going for 12 years, being one of the first modern cloth nappy brands and with a lifetime warranty on their nappies you can see why they are a favourite with many parents all over the world.

Also this week they have launched their first ever affiliate program, so that people who recommend FuzziBunz to their friends can earn commission on products their friends go on to buy from the site. I think this is a great move for a company that doesn’t normally advertise and rely on word of mouth and recommendations, it’s a great way to give back to the people that love the brand. When I heard about the plans for this the other week I went ahead and signed up, I love the FB products anyway and if people read my reviews and posts and want to buy something to try then it would be great if they can use my link (http://myfuzzibunz.co.uk/miclare) as any commision I earn will go to fund giveaways on the blog.

So if you are interested in having a look at the site then this week is the perfect time as until the 18th is the perfect time as if you use the code FUZZIBUNZ you will get 10% off your order and free delivery (it’s usually free over £30). The badge below will take you directly to the site using my affiliate link if you want to take a look.

You can also sign up to be an affiliate yourself and you can earn commission when people use your link – you wont be making enough to fund a holiday or anything unless you are some kind of a super sales person. But if you have a passion for cloth nappies and believe in the FuzziBunz brand then it is a nice way to earn a few extra pennies. If you’re interested and want to sign up then again please think about using my link (http://myfuzzibunz.co.uk/miclare) or click on one of the FB badges above and signing up you will earn the same commision as everyone else but I’ll earn a tiny bit for refering you.

As I said, I love our FuzziBunz elite and have one of the new limited editions and some comfort pads on the way to us now but I’ve still got my eye on some of the perfect size xsmall and small nappies for bump! Remember the discount code will finish on the 18th June so hurry!!

Michelle xx

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