Time to pack the hospital bag

Yes I know we’re only at 26 weeks but I want to be prepared! With Chloe I didnt have a bag packed and as she was a surprise at 32 weeks it was all a bit manic. I spend nearly a week in hospital myself and had a few nights without any creature comforts and I’m talking socks, hairbrush, the kind of basics! And although they werent important at the time and aren’t really in the grand scheme of things, this time I want to do it ‘right’ and be all prepared and have at least some PJs to hand and a hairbrush should anything similar happen with bump.

So I’ve made a rough list of bits I think I’ll need, I have some things but I’m hoping this post might help me to actually get the rest of the bits sorted. So that in a months time say, everything is crossed off, well that’s the plan and I’ll do another post with everything in it.

So firstly hospital bag, well as much as I’d love to splurge out on something new and lovely, I cant really see the point. Although i did have my eye on this beauty from Pink Lining but it’s £105 – which I just cant get my head around spending that amount on! So anyway we have a fairy new luggage set so that will surely do, the last thing on my mind in hospital is going to be on how fancy my bag looks!

Baby clothing wise…………………..erm no, nothing yet! Well I do have to go through some of Chloe’s old things and then I will buy some sleepsuits, a going home outfit, a thick pramsuit/travel thingy and hats. I have plenty of muslins, blankets and nappies (NB nappy stash post is in the making!). I’m hoping bump wont be anywhere near as small as Chloe (she was a tiny 2lb 8oz – small but perfectly formed!) but I might buy, or look for a few secondhand tiny/early baby sized sleepsuits just in case. Must really get a wiggle on with sorting through clothes though, will do it next week!

New PJs and a thin dressing gown for me – I definitely need some new PJs as mine are all old and I do need a dressing gown too as mine is a big thick fluffy one that I hardly use as it’s makes me far too hot. I dont ‘do’ slippers but think I might get a pair of Crocs to wear with some thick bed socks – oh so flattering I know but comfy!

Toiletries –  I have tons of things to use up, some Burt’s Bees goodies from my grab bag and Liz Earle little freebie samples I’ve been saving up. So I dont need to buy anything except a new toothbrush to put in the bag.

Underwear and comfy nursing bras – I only have 2 maternity/nursing bras so definitely need to get some more come payday. Oh and need to get some maternity pads and breastpads.

Hairbrush and hairbands – need to get a spare hairbrush to keep in the bag ready.

Drink and snacks – I see this mentioned in lots of magazines so a bottle of water or lucozade for energy and some chocolate flapjack maybe?

I think that’s it? Need to buy a few magazines or a book to hide away in there. In an ideal world I’d buy an iPad or something but my smartphone will suffice I’m sure and I’ll have much better things to do like snuggle a new little person! Oh but I might hide a sticker magazine for Chloe in there in case she gets a little bored if we stay in and she comes to visit!

So that’s about it, sorry it’s a boring post, but hopefully it will help me get motivated and feel a little more in control. Plus looking at newborn clothes is sure to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I mean look how cute this is from Frugi!

Michelle xx

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3 Responses to Time to pack the hospital bag

  1. Wow! Hospital bag already! I was terrible for packing mine on Little Man – he arrived at 38 weeks and I still wasn’t fully packed. I think I was in denial! 🙂

    Hopefully you won’t need your bag as early this time, but it’s great to be so well prepared.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m actually quite enjoying getting it ready, maybe it’s the new novelty or it but yes fingers crossed it wont be in use for a long time yet! xx

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