Our favourite cloth nappies

So I thought it was about time I made this post as it’s something I always get asked and it’s interesting to find out which nappies others like too. I’m sure this will all change once bump is here but for now, these are our favourite nappies that have worked well with Chloe. This will of course be biased as I love snap fastenings over velcro, Chloe is very skinny so most BTPs arent a great fit on her and we prefer trim nappies, organic or at least bamboo/cotton/hemp over microfibre and I’m all about the prints! But I will list others that just missed the grade, so you velcro/BTP fans can still my best pick of the bunch. I shall update each original review with a favourite tag to make them easier to identify if you’re just reading through the reviews one at a time. And there might be a giveaway following soon to find out your favourites so stay tuned! I will try to keep the gushing to a minimum and if you want more info on the nappies then click on the links xx

All In Twos (AI2s)

Grovia AI2 – super simple to use, absorbent, great trim fit, no bulk between the legs, excellent containment, lovely colours and prints, only downside is they take forever to dry but extra soaker pads solve this.

Others that nearly made the grade…

Pop Ins – these are bomb proof, great night time nappies for little ones/medium wetters, nice colours and prints, but as they only come in velcro it stops me loving them completely!

All in Ones (AIOs)

Peach Green AIO (was Bright Star Baby) these are a sized AIO and I love them! They are trim, come in side snaps which I have always found fit Chloe the best and help get a perfect fit on Chloe and they come in lovely prints (new prints are released regularly) and they are so absorbent. These are possibly my favourite hands down nappy, OH loves them too, only downside I have is they are a little on the expensive side but so worth it. They now also do a BTP AI2 version which I have yet to put a review up on but we’re been using them for a few months and I love them, still really trim for a BTP but slightly less absorbent. But boosted with a bamboo booster means they work great and are still trim, we still use them as an AIO and not an AI2 so I’ll class the new BTP as an AIO for now.

Also I have to give a big love to Bumgenius Elementals/Organics – no review yet but these are great nappies, super absorbent and slim fitting, downside is they take an age to dry and price.

Others that nearly made the grade…

Bumgenius Freetimes are a great nappy but I dislike that they are all mf, if they were made of organic cotton like the Elementals but flapped out for quicker drying then I’d be a happy lady.

And Tots Bots V3 (only have the old V2 review here but will update it soon). They are quick drying, pretty prints and colours but we do have to boost them plus although I prefer snaps to velcro, the snaps version arent as good as some others like the BGs.

Itti Bitti D’Lish AIO – again no review sorry, will try to squeeze one in but love the range of colours and prints in the minky fabric and love the trim fit, downsides are they do fit very small and arent hugely absorbent.


Charlie Banana – I need to update my review with the new leg elastic system which is fab, I prefer it to the old button way (which is what FB still  use). Love the fun prints and slimness, not a huge fan of the mf inserts but as far as pockets go, possibly my fav.

Fuzzibunz Elite – These have fallen to a second place spot, still a really great nappy, so adjustable, huge range of colours and a few patterns, like the minky inserts, love the trimness. Only thing stopping it being number one is the button hole adjustment elastic system, which as above, I dont like as much as the new Charlie Banana one.

Others that nearly made the grade…

Rumparooz – Love the range of prints, the snap down/customisable inserts (and the hemp and bamboo versions they do), plus the 4 step rise to make them really small and they are trim for a BTP. Downsides are they could do with some stretchiness to the wing tab like the BG V4 have for a better fit and the pocket opening isnt my ideal.

Smartipants – Great price, really durable snaps and love not having to unstuff them. Downsides are the single mf inserts they come with, would love a hemp/bamboo one and the range of colours leans mostly towards pastels and no prints.


Have quite a few favourites so I wont go into details as basically they are all trim, abdorbent and pretty! Dunk N Fluff, Fluff and Stuff, Goodmamas and Itti Bitti Boo.

Night Nappies

Again I have a few favourites and they are generally fitted night nappies as they were the only thing that worked on Chloe whilst she was going through her heavy wetting stage. Holden’s Landing BedBug+, Wee Notions Night Notions and Luscious Little Somethings night nappies.


We’ve had a lot from the UK and US but my favourite is still Wee Notions, whether its an embroidered night nappy, pocket, AI2 or fitted day nappy. Great service, lovely team who do everything to help and guide you, huge range of fabric and embroidery and great prices!

So that’s it, sorry it was a bit of a waffle but these are all nappies that I really recommend, even if some of them didnt quite make the number one top grade for us, I can still see how for others they would be fab. I’ll try to keep this updated and feel free to add your favourites to the comments.

Michelle xx

I wrote this post because I wanted to, no one has asked me to write it or to include any nappies, these really are the favourites that we personally love.

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