Eeeps 28 weeks is nearly here

Yes that’s right, we are nearly at the 28 week mark, which is super exciting and I’m also feeling slightly panicky seeing as Chloe was born at 32 weeks. It really makes me feel like there’s not long left – although of course I’m hoping bump stay in a bit longer but still you know!

So I have done a spot of baby clothes shopping, all the bits in the picture are from the Nature Shop, which are fabby, free delivery (and fast. like overnight delivery!!) and they often have sales on. I’m trying not to go overboard as you always end up with more things than will really get used and instead am going for a few quality pieces like the Green Baby stuff pictured. Oh and I’m loving the pink/purple look as it will look lovely with the Xplory and it’s nice to have something different to the normal baby pinks! But I did have a sort through Chloe’s old clothes (ah memories!) and have put them into size piles ready to be washed etc. Oh and I’ve ordered some new PJs and bits for my hospital bag (following on from this post) so that will be virtually good to go come next week.

I had a midwife appointment this week, which was fine as in bumps heartbeat was all happy beating away and bp etc was all fine. But I did query the fact that I wasnt due another scan till 38 weeks which I found a bit odd seeing as I didnt make it that far along with Chloe and even at 32 weeks, she was very small for that gestation, she was 2lb 8oz. A quick recap on Chloe was that I had the normal 20 week scan and it was all fine, then I was borderline GD, so they booked me in for a scan at 32 weeks just to check and make sure Chloe wasnt going to be a huge baby. But she was measuring small – the sonographer clearly didnt believe I was 32 weeks along and the fluid around Chloe was low so then they admitted me, checked my bp etc and up popped pre eclampsia. And after monitoring me for 2 days I was told my kidneys were giving up so a c section it was. So I thought it a bit odd they didnt want to check me before 38 weeks to make sure that bump was growing well and that the fluid was okay. And the midwife was a bit concerned too and rang the hospital and spoke with a consultant and so yes I’m going in next week for an extra growth scan and then depending on how everything looks, there might be another later now. Of course I’m hoping everything is fine and we wont need another but I will feel much more at ease, as we had already decided that if I wasnt to have any more scans before 38 weeks then we would book a private one in. So it turns out, that Chloe’s low birthweight was overlooked and I should have been on the care plan for extra checks/scans so it just goes to show that if you are worried about anything then do mention it as things can get missed.

So next week is a very busy week, I have blood tests at the hospital on Tuesday, seeing the midwife on weds for another blood test, injection and the usual bp check etc. And then on friday the scan and a chat with the consultant on the results. Plus Aunty Melissa is coming up to visit, yay!! It feels like ages since we saw her and as it’s a long drive she is going to stay over which will be fab, Chloe is going to be one worn out little poppet. I’ve been feeling so tired lately that its going to be so good for Chloe to have some full on entertainment – I’m not sure who will actually last longest, Chloe or Mel! I think we might have to have a take out monday night in celebration! Daddy has been working stupidly long hours the last few weeks, he worked sat and sunday last weekend and then this week he been getting up at 5:30, driving to work in Manchester and then getting home around 9-11pm. Yes very long hours, which means obviously he’s missed Chloe (and she him) and I’ve not really had a break either. He did manage to finish early yesterday and was home about 5 which was lovely, and he’s working today but again should be home around 5-6ish and then tomorrow *should* be off (hope I didnt just jinx it) and next week he might have a few busy days at the start of the week but it should then ease up and he might even have friday or at least the weekend off as the job should be finished yay! Hopefully he’ll then be working in Sheffield after that, but it will just be nice to see him for more than an hour a day!

Okay so that’s about it for now, hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep at some point and will have some more energy. But I will be holding a giveaway next week, not sure on which day as there’s so much going on but I will try to be a bit more active as well, Twitter and Facebook have been sadly neglected lately but all is well here. Hope everyone has a nice weekend (tis still rainy here!).

Michelle xx

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