Newborn stash building – a work in progress

Okay so a few people have asked me about what I’ve been buying for bump, so although it’s not 100% complete here is where we are. And before you think ‘OMG she is crazy!’ yes I know, you completely DO NOT NEED this amount/variety of nappies for a newborn (or even to get a separate newborn/xs stash if you dont want to). But yes I am a nappyoholic and I do want to for various reasons including the fact that nearly all of these nappies werent out when Chloe was born so I’ve never tried them, plus of course I want to try lots of different ones so I can do reviews on them. I also know newborn nappies have a good retail value – especially seeing as nearly everything I’ve bought I’d managed to get on a slight sale so when I sell it on, it actually wont have cost as much as it seems! And also I know what it’s like to not have an ‘average’ size baby, Chloe was long and skinny so many popular nappies just didnt work for us so I figure if I try them all then I can always do a quick stash shuffle and sell on the ones we hate. For example I read a lot of reviews saying that Lil Joeys are fab and then probably just as many reviews saying they didnt work for others, and got lots of leaks etc. So we’ll see but again I’ll say I would not recommend to someone that they NEED 30+ newborn nappies, it can be done with 15-20 and more than comfortably with 25 nappies. And again buying preloved or using wraps and lots of prefolds makes it even cheaper.

So without further ado, we shall begin but this isnt the final stash, there are still a few bits on order or yet to be ordered, but I will try to mention those where I remember!

Prefolds: – I forgot to take a picture of these as they are stored elsewhere as they are already washed and ready (I might dye them hence why they are prewashed). But from what I remember there are some small OWWs, small Sloomb, Bummis, Thirsties and I think some Econobums and organic flip prefolds.

Fitteds: Top: 3 OWW newborn/xs fitteds (plus there might be another on the way) which I got from Kingdom of Fluff.

Middle: a red small Bitti Boo (which I dont think will fit right away but included it anyway!), Blueberry Bamboo and a Prim and Proper fitted from Funky Monkey Pants.

Bottom: a Tots Bots Stretchy Size 1 and a Sloomb fitted (FMP again) and there are also 4 Little Lamb Bamboos which I shall hopefully be dying!

Total fitteds: 12 + another OWW on the way.


Top: Thirsties XS and the bottom two are Rumparooz (Again all FMP). I do also have a few BTP wraps, some Flip, Blueberry etc and I would like a few of the small Gen Y wraps but we’ll see.

Total wraps: 3 (possibly a few more to come)




Top: 2 small Bambooty (didnt get on with these with Chloe but we’ll see) and a small Bumgenius.

Middle: 4 newborn GroVias (with another on the way) .

Bottom: 3 Lil Joeys (with another on the way).





5 Tots Bots Teenyfits (with 2 more I think to buy).

Total AIOs: 15 (with yes maybe 4 to come!)




Top and middle: 4 Blueberry mini deluxes.

Bottom: a small Ecobubs and an XS Charlie Banana.

Total pockets: 6 (but I do want to order 1-2 XS/small FuzziBunz)





And then this is Chloe’s first custom nappy which bump will also have the pleasure of wearing and which we will keep in a memory box along with bumps very own first custom which I’m sure I’ll be ordering in the very near future.

Okay so yes I’m well aware of the fact that I am on the way to hitting the 40+ nappy mark  once you include prefolds and then there is at least another 10 I want to order. So yes I’m insane but one of the beauties of cloth nappies is that once bump has outgrown them then we can sell them onto someone else and get some of our money back – you definitely cant do that with used disposables!!

So I will do a final newborn stash update in a months time and then there’ll be regular updates as to what works for us etc. Maybe sharing my addiction will stop me buying more………..or maybe not. But if there’s any that you’ve used and loved and I’ve missed then feel free to leave a comment!

Michelle xx

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6 Responses to Newborn stash building – a work in progress

  1. Rachel says:

    If you need a few more wraps, I recommend Tweedle Bugs with hook and loop fastening. We went straight for the smalls from birth and they were great but they do a newborn size too 🙂 They’re cheap but they’re the only wraps I’ve ever bought the next size up and the next size up again in!

  2. Lana says:

    What a beautiful selection! Well done you!
    I think you’ve covered all pretty newborn nappies here! The only one i can think of is a new range of newborn nappies from Tiny Nippers. They come in both poppers and velcro, and the colours are lovely. They are quite cheap though, less than £4 per nappy. I haven’t read any reviews about them yet, would be interesting to see whether they are any good and how they fit.
    Wishing you luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

  3. hmm.. Ive well surpassed your mark 😦 and bump isnt even here yet.. overboard? no.. I like to think obsessed 😀

    • Michelle says:

      Not overboard no, just being prepared!! Mine has already grown since taking these pics, cant wait for bump to get here so we can start putting them to good use!! x

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