Some gorgeous jewellery

Have had another busy week here, my Mum came to visit for 4 lovely days and I had a kind of full MOT: eye test, contact lens check, dentist, midwife appointment, health vistor visit and even a haircut today! I guess it’s best to get everything done now before bump arrives. But we had a lovely week, we went to lots of nice places with Nanny, including a lovely walk around DamFlask which is just beautiful. Chloe is missing Nanny already and every morning since I’ve had ‘Where’s Nanny?’ asked of me! But hopefully we’ll go and see her soon next month before we become a family of four.

So back on topic, I ordered some custom pieces from the lovely Kate at Dino-Daisy. I originally wanted to get Chloe’s amber necklace restrung as it broke and although Chloe doesnt really wear it now I wanted it fixed in case she asked to wear it or just to keep it in her keepsake box. I also wanted something for me and possibly a new grown up necklace for Chloe’s birthday in October. And so after looking at all the amazing pictures in her Facebook album (warning – a quick look and you’ll be hooked and want to get everything!) I ended up ordering – with a lot of help and patience from Kate, a lovely alternating amethyst & iolite necklace – amethyst is my birthstone and it looks so gorgeous when the light is on it.


A tiny cognac baroque with larger chunky cognac baroque double wrap bracelet.


And along with the restring of Chloe’s old amber necklace she also has a new one with alternating pink opals and dark honey amber on pink cord – opals are Chloe’s birthstone and the lovely Kate ordered them in especially for us.

It feels so nice to get something you helped design/pick out and it has that special uniqueness and quality that you just dont get from a normal shop. I cant wait to start wearing my pieces out and hopefully I can keep Chloe’s new one hidden away until her birthday.

Do follow Kate’s page on Facebook as not only does she constantly post new gorgeous pieces she’s just made, but you can also get a 10% off code to use on the Dino-Daisy site. And do email Kate if you’re stuck for ideas or not sure what you want as she is so helpful and you can tell how much she enjoying her work and she’s so passionate and full of ideas. I’ve already got a list written down of pieces I want making next (OH will have an easy Christmas shopping list at this rate!) and prices are no more than you’d pay for a necklace in a shop – only these are all handmade and real gemstones/amber etc!

Michelle xx


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