Week 33: so tired

So yes we are in week 33, so I am now officially more pregnant than I’ve ever been before (and I’m also feeling more pregnant than I’ve ever felt before – if that makes sense!). So I am feeling super excited but I’m also feeling more tired than ever but as long as bump is happy inside and growing then I guess it’s to all be expected.

I could quite happily sleep in till 10, have a little cat nap after lunch and then go to bed before 10 but unfortunately Chloe isnt so impressed with that plan so I am just trying to grab a few winks on the sofa when I can – which isnt proving to be that often!

Getting ready wise, I have everything for my hospital bag, just need to do a final pack of it, the car seat arrived the other week so that’s all ready. Have enough clothes and nappies for bump, the only thing left to get is the crib, which is a bedside one and I’ll order it at the end of the month.

I cant actually believe there will be another little person here but I’m so excited to see Chloe with her sister, she’s really looking forward to it and gives bump kisses and hugs. Only yesterday she was sharing out a pretend chocolate cake and said ‘One for Mummy, one for Daddy, one for Chloe and one for baby!’ so so sweet! We still have no idea on names, I have a book I keep meaning to go through, with Chloe the name just seemed right as soon as it was said and fit her when we saw her but this time nothing is really sticking. I shall make it my goal to go through the book this weekend and see what jumps out!

I feel tired already and it’s not even midday yet! I have a lot of half-finished posts that I need to complete (as always) and I will try to make posting a more frequent occurrence. I love it when I’m typing away it’s just the finding the time/energy to sit down and think ‘right I’ve got to write about xzy!’. Still if I can get into a routine now then it might make it easier when we’re a family of four – eeps!

On the potty training front, it is still trying to get into motion, Chloe is happy to sit on the potty (and say ‘weeeeeeeee’) but that’s as far as she gets, have tried her in ‘big girl pants’ and she wasnt impressed but she is making a slight improvement in telling us (most of the time) when she’s wet etc. So we will keep trying her and praising her when she wants to sit on the potty and tells us when she needs a change and maybe try some pants again in a few weeks. As with everything Chloe just seems to wake up one day and want to do something which I’m fine with, I dont want to tell her she has to do it if she’s not ready yet. So will do a potty training stash shot maybe and keep you updated on progress! But I’ll leave you with some gorgeous fluff that arrived last week, review to come soon but I love it – you can find out more about them at Babybots if you cant wait! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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4 Responses to Week 33: so tired

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay for being very pregnant! Chloe will love being a big sister. Leyla meeting Elisha is one of my best memories ever. I’m jealous of the May Lily!

  2. I feel ya on being tired! Best wishes!

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