36 weeks update

It’s been awhile I know, there just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day to cook, clean, play with Chloe, sleep and get things done that I want to do! As some of you may have read about on Facebook, I did spend a night in hospital the other week due to very high blood pressure (150/100!) and a few other mild pre eclampsia signs but after a long sleepless night it all settled down and I was released home – yay! I’m now been monitored more carefully (had to spend nearly six hours in hospital the other day for more testing) but at the minute everything is looking okay, thankfully! I am feeling huge and uncomfortable but I am so happy to actually be this far along!

I felt baby (still yet to be named – really must work on that!) move down a few weeks ago and it was confirmed during a scan last week that baby is doing her job well and is in position, head engaged and ready. Which makes me feel so excited, like I’m a little kid and it’s Christmas eve everyday and something exciting could happen at any moment! I am peeing almost non stop at the minute as a trade-off for there being less room I guess and am feeling very tired virtually all the time. But again everyday I’m feeling so lucky to be this far along and with baby to be growing so well. I still find it hard to believe that with Chloe by this time she was already out and had been in SCBU for nearly 4 weeks and was about to come home!

We went off to the Manchester Babyshow yesterday, we didnt really need anything but it was a nice day out for me and Daddy. I think we’ve been spoilt by going to the Birmingham one though as the Manchester one felt tiny in comparison and we’d walked around it all within an hour! We didnt buy anything really but it was a nice wandering around.

The big plus for us was that it’s a much shorter (and nicer) journey getting there then to the Birmingham show, parking is free – it’s £8 at B’ham and parking is right outside whereas at B’ham you have about a 20min walk to get from the car park to the show.

The downsides to the Manchester one (other then it being smaller) was that there was only a little cafe place to eat, not the big range you get at B’ham with sandwiches, hot meals etc. But maybe that was just due to it being held there for the first time. I think just for the ease we’d definitely go to the Manchester one again and hopefully next time it will have a little more to offer.

I did feel absolutely drained when we got back though and today we nipped out to the supermarket and I’m feeling very uncomfortable and sore. So I think I need to have a nice restful afternoon! All being well I will get up all the backlog of posts I’ve got saved up (I feel like everytime I say that I jinx it and something else crops up but fingers crossed)! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Michelle x

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2 Responses to 36 weeks update

  1. Getting close now! Hope all goes well for the next few weeks. Will be checking back regularly for news! 🙂

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