Review: MayLily pocket nappy

There is a new nappy on the fluffy market, a luxurious minky patterned Birth To Potty pocket, made in the EU by MayLily. BabyBots are stocking them and can I just firstly say how much I love the print range? Here are a few more from the range, bold, bright and very funky, you can see the full range here.

So who are MayLily I hear you ask, well I hadnt heard of them either truth be known but after a little bit of research I am again impressed with the passion they put into their products. Here is a little bit of info from their website;

‘We strive to offer you diapers of the highest quality possible. We use selected fabrics and components which not only make our product comfortable and fashionable but also perfectly safe for your child as each of the components is Oeko-Tex certified for lack of harmful substances/chemicals.’

MayLily nappies are one size (8 – 35lbs) and have the standard snap down rise on the front of the nappy to give you three different sizes. They only come in snap fastening (which is fine with me) and have a double row of snaps to fasten – which are at a slanted angle, meaning it’s a lovely snug fit. Inside is a buttery soft micro fleece, which really does feel luxourious and the opening of the pocket is at the front of the nappy, making it (hopefully) a lot easier and less messy to take the inserts out of a dirty nappy!

Each nappy comes with a small and larger microfiber insert, the pink trimmed smaller one is 3 layers thick and the green trimmed one is made up of 4 layers. I love that they not only have the MayLily logo on but are also colour coded as I hate having to sift through a pile on inserts looking for which one goes with which (and yes I like to use the ‘official’ insert for the nappy!). They are priced at £16.90 a nappy but there is also an ‘Asia’ limited edition collection of three nappies which are £20.90 each.

I have to be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of BTP nappies in general but these do fit Chloe really well, the rise is good and as yet we’ve not had any leaks! I do think they come up on the larger size and am not sure how good a fit an 8lb baby would have with them. But that can be said with nearly all BTP nappies and it’s something I can try on bump and update on at a later date. They do remind me of Blueberry and Issy Bear nappies but the MayLily are on the cheaper side (aside from the Limited Edition collection). And of course another great point to them is that they are made in the EU so they are a little bit better for the planet thanks to less air miles to ship them to us!

Ease of use: Stuffing the pocket is nice and easy thanks to the wide opening and actually having the pocket at the front does make is easier on messier change times.

Performance: This has been great so far in the three or so weeks we’ve been using it, as I said no leaks (with using both inserts together and we change around the 3-4 hour mark), no red marks left on Chloe’s legs and I think it’s pretty slim for a BTP even though Chloe is very skinny. Drying time is great as with most pockets and mf inserts.

Design: I really love the minky fabrics they’ve picked, the buttery soft inner is lush and the labels are pretty cute too! And I also love the attention to detail on the inserts being trimmed in different colours.

Overall: These may be one of my new favourite BTP ‘show off’ nappies! Pretty, easy to use, not too bulky, work really well and not too expensive. Again I’d love to see a smaller baby in these to see how it fits (fingers crossed we can test that out in a few weeks when bump is here).

The only real improvement I’d love to see is the possibility of upgrading to hemp/bamboo inserts as I’m generally not a fan of mf inserts long term. But it’s not that much of an issue as all the spare bamboo inserts I’ve got fit well inside the MayLily so I guess it’s down to personal preference, you’re either a mf liker or not! I already have my eye on some of the other prints in the range so I guess that goes a long way to saying that the MayLily is a keeper for us!

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy for the purposes of this review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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