Chloe turns three and a trip to Chester Zoo

So yes Chloe is now three! Where had the time gone!?! We had a lovely day on Thursday and all went for a trip to the zoo, it’s not Chloe’s first trip to a zoo but it’s was our first family trip to Chester Zoo and it’s massive! You definitely need two full days there to see everything! Izzy was very blissed out and happy just to sleep most of the day and Chloe was a star and despite us walking probably miles and miles around the zoo, didnt complain about being tired or wanting to be carried or anything. I think her favourite animals were the Giraffes, Tigers and Merrkats but everytime you ask her she changes it to something different! And there was a Dinosaur exhibit which was very cool but was maybe a bit too realistic for Chloe as we had to keep reassuring her they were ‘just pretend’! She also got lots of lovely presents, dressing up clothes, tons of books a LeapPad explorer and a few others bits, so Chloe is a very lucky girl!

But anyway here are some pics (bit all are amazing but I love looking back through posts and seeing posts like these) and fingers crossed I get on with some catch up posts this week and get some fluff back into the blog!

Michelle x


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