New prints on the block

Well during my babymoon with Izzy it seems all the nappy makers have come out with new prints and designs – yay! So here’s a quick rundown on things, I’ll include links to the company’s Facebook page (as it’s always worth following them for giveaways) and to where I’ve ordered any of the new prints from or where you can buy them from – if they’ve been released yet that is!

Firstly Tots Bots have come out with not one but two new sets of prints, ‘Bum Voyage‘ builds on the old limited edition London print they brought out earlier this year and adds New York and Paris. They’re all very gender neutral but they dont really fill me with excitement, maybe they would grab me more if the backgrounds weren’t white or were bolder but still very cute and a nice idea.

But then they surprised everyone a few weeks ago with another line of prints called ‘Double Agents‘. Pooper Hero and Nature Girl – I love both prints but not the names so much. I’ve bought both of these already from Fill Your Pants, and they are really nice ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. They also have matching tshirts to go with them but with it now being virtually winter I dont see the point of a matching tshirt and nappy when the nappy will be hidden but still it is a really lovely idea, hopefully they might continue this for new prints in the future (roll on spring/summer).

Itti Bitti also showed us some previews of the five new 2013 prints, now as they are previews they are just artist’s impressions/computer generated so I’m sure they will look much better once made. Here are Hanako, Pow (my favourite) and Rebound – it seems with all the superhero films being made it’s rubbed off in the nappy world but I dont have a problem with that! And these will be out in the Tutto and D’Lish ranges, in the soft and lush minky fabric.

Then we have Seaweed and I think an as yet to be named ‘Gingerbread’ print. So a nice mix of girl/boy and gender neutral prints but I think we’ll only be getting Pow but as I said when we can see them actually made maybe the rest might appeal to me more.

They have also announced that they are updating the solid colour range, the new rainbow range of colours – although look similar or even the same as the current range are all new and slightly different, deeper colours etc. These will be out at the end of the year or early next year, will replace existing colours and be available in both the Tutto and D’Lish ranges. And you’ll also be able to just buy the shells of the nappies separately from the inserts, so you can decide if you wanted a Tutto shell with mf inserts, rather than having to buy it as bamboo and then buy the mf inserts on top.

And dont forget that Itti are also bringing out new Boo colours sometime soon, these will replace the old bright colours (which is a shame they cant run alongside them) and Boo’s will then also come with a booster, which is good news but I’m sure they’ll be a price increase to cover it! Here are Ivory, Seafoam, Papaya and Mulberry, I really love them all, well not such a fan of the Ivory but the others are lush!

Next up is the new prints from Blueberry and Swaddlebees, a lot of new nappies from them have arrived here in the UK lately, from prefolds, the AIO Basix, the AIO newborn Simplex, training pants, the Bamboo OS fitted, wetbags and of course the newborn Mini Deluxe, bamboo newborn fitted and mini coveralls. Reviews and possibly a giveaway or two to follow, but for now on to the prints! Here are the two new prints, Elephants and Monsters in the coveralls and the newborn Simplex nappies (so cute and tiny!). A bit boyish some might say but I love the Monsters print, I just wish the trim and poppers werent in brown but in the orange or purple which would make it more gender neutral and really pop in my eyes.

Then we have Rumparooz, who have come out with two new colours to add to the already pretty extensive range of colours and a new print. Here are Peacock, Phantom and Preppy. Have to save I’m not a huge fan of the Preppy, although it is something new and unlike anything else out at the minute, but the other two colours are great editions, Peacock is gorgeous. These are available now in the OS pocket, newborn nappies, wraps etc at Funky Monkey Pants and other Rumparooz stockists. How cute is this picture!

And lastly, BumGenius have branched out and are releasing wetbags at the start of next year, these are Glimmer (Twilight/Moonbeam) and Ballet (Blossom/Grey). I’m interested to see whether they bring these prints out in the nappy ranges too as well.

Okay so I think I’ve covered everything that’s happened, if I’ve missed anything then let me know!

Michelle x

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