Review: Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 nappy

Following on from Peachy Green’s sized AIO nappies, they have now added a one size AI2 to their range. Now I loved the sized AIOs; trim, absorbent, gorgeous prints, the list goes on. And in general I’d always take a sized nappy over a one size due to the fit, so I wasnt super excited when I first heard about the OS but I am now converted! It’s virtually as trim as the sized version on, possibly the slimmest OS nappy we own. Me and OH really do love it, so much so that we now own quite a few……damn those gorgeous limited edition prints!

So enough gushing, let’s get to the specs, Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique stocks the biggest range and new colours and prints are released virtually every 2-3 months (yay!). They are priced at £16 for the shell and inserts are £6 each. Sounds expensive but bear in mind it’s an AI2 – meaning that you can reuse the shell. So if you spent £16 on a shell and £12 on two inserts (£28 in total) you are effectively getting two wears each time out of it – as if it were two nappies. So £28 for the equivalent of two nappies, which if you look at the fact that they come in fun prints and have bamboo inserts is a fab price.

It’s a side snapping nappy (my favourite type for a nice smooth finish across the belly) and it adjusts with rise snaps on the front to grow with your child. The inside of the shell is a soft microfleece that resists wetness so when the insert is wet you can just swap it out for a fresh one. You could of course just use it as an AIO if you wish and it’s still a fab nappy but to make the most of your money its worth reusing the shell. 

Chloe was in the medium (size 1s) in the sized version and the rise was getting a bit on the low side but in the Sprout Up it’s a perfect fit and there’s plenty of room around the waist to fit a bigger child still. One slight issue I have is that unlike most AI2s nappies that have a wipeable shell, the Sprout Up just has the microfleece – which is great in that its nice and soft on the areas it touches your child’s skin but if they are a super wetter then you may need to let the shell air a little before you re-use it. Not a big deal and to be honest I think I prefer it being the soft microfleece next to their skin.

So as mentioned, there is a snap in insert which attaches to the back of the nappy and its made from bamboo fleece which is super absorbent and it has stayed fairly soft after months of washing. The inserts are different to the sized nappies, as obviously these need to grow with your child and the one size shell. So they are in one long piece that you snap in to the shell and the bottom layer folds back on itself and snaps up to a small, medium or large setting and then the top layer goes over the top.

Ease of use: These are super simple, no stuffing or anything fiddly, just snap in an insert and put on, at change time snap in a fresh one and when it is time to put it in the wetbag you dont need to unsnap the insert at all (unless you want to).

Performance: These arent quite as absorbent as the sized AIO version but with a booster in they are good for 3+ hours on Chloe which for a good looking and trim nappy is fine with me. Containment is great, the soft leg elastic combined with the ability to do different waist and leg snap settings means it gives a snug fit and there’s no red marks from the leg elastic.  Drying time is really great for it being a natural fiber insert thanks to the fact its in one long piece and as the inner is microfleece it is of course virtually dry from the machine and stays nice and soft wash after wash.

Design: The frequency with which new colours and prints come out means there’s bound to be something you like. They always have really funky prints too, I love the Owls one and the colour coordinating snaps are a nice touch. It’s great knowing that there’s only a limited amount of each print and it means they should hold their resell value well. I think the design of these is really fab, I love how you dont need to buy different sized inserts and the nappy itself is pretty much perfect, nothing I’d want to change at all.

Overall: I love that we dont have to compromise on having a trim fit for absorbency or even looks. I wish we could afford more of these as they brighten up my day with the funky prints and they fit fab under skinny jeans or legging. I never thought I’d say this but I do prefer this one size version then the sized and would recommend the Sprout Up to anyone. Especially as it can work out cheaper if you buy a few inserts and reuse the shell but like I said, even if you used it as an AIO it’s still a fab nappy! I do wish they were cheaper but that cant be helped with imported goods and the quality of these is really fab, they’ll definitely last to a second child. And speaking of second child, I’ll be trying these on Izzy soon and will update on how they fit on a little one!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for dong it . 

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