Hello 2013

Well Christmas is well and truly over with and now it’s a whole new year and I’m exhausted already!! It’s been a year of ups and downs, the biggest ups being Chloe turn into a happy thee year old and of course the arrival of her little sister Izzy – who Chloe already loves to pieces and gives her all the cuddles and kisses you could ask for.

But a new year and a new focus, we want, no need to move house this year. We also need to eat more healthily as a family, Chloe luckily enough, loves her fruit and veg but I often skip fruit as a snack and go for a quick chocolate fix. Actually evenings are the worst when Chloe is in bed and Izzy is settled, we always end up treating ourselves to something but no more! Meal planning, veg boxes and drinking more water as well, as again I’m always making sure Chloe has drinks throughout the day and end up forgetting about myself!

I also need to give the blog a big of an overhaul, if anyone knows any lovely blog designers out there then please let me know in the comments! I also think I’m going to try to set myself a few nights every week to catch up on emails, forums, other blogs I read and of course write. It might make a change from spending every evening washing up, putting clothes away, tidying up etc *sigh* we’ll see!

So here’s to a new year, new friends to make, new puddles to jump in, new opportunities more fluffy bums and watching the girls grow up and amaze me even more!

Michelle xx

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