Itti Bitti UK sale back on

This is probably the last time they will hold this to clear out any last remaining stock so if you missed it before Christmas then be quick as there isnt much left!! Postage is £3.95 – but I have a feeling it might be free over £60/£65 maybe?

I fully recommend the sized D’Lish nappies – I like the all in ones (AIOs) best but others love the snap in ones (SIOs) but at less then £6 each you can get both versions to try! Not many colours left but they would be a great trim option to pad out any stash. And remember to get the next size up whilst they are at these prices!

The BTP Tuttos are all sold out but there are some of the BTP Ones & Twos nappies left. I wasnt a fan of them as I hate velcro but they are trim and come with a booster, being an AIO nappy they do take a while to dry though but again at just over £5 a nappy it’s a bargain.

There’s also Rockin Green nappy detergent samples with 20% off, I’ve used this before and thought  it was fine, a bit expensive to use every wash but good to have in the cupboard for every now and then or strip washes and the sample packets are perfect for this. This may be hard to get in the future so grab a few!

Itti Bitti ultimate wipes are in the sale with 45% off, love these, nice big wipes which are thick and bright. We also have a set we use for messy hands and faces at the table, they are lovely.

Happy shopping!

Michelle x



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