Peachy Green new releases


As a big fan of Peachy Green nappies (see the reviews here and here) I am always super excited when a new run of their limited edition prints come out and this is the new line up for 2013. So we have from left to right; Zebra, Grape, Hula Hula, Slate, Orange Fizz, Marble and Meadow. I think its another great range, plenty of choice whether you have a girl or a boy. My favourite and the one that I’m about to buy (oops) is Hula Hula – I’m always a sucker for a new print! They are available at BabyBumBoutique now in the Solo Luxe (sized AIO) and the Sprout Up (one size AI2) and the Switcheroo wraps – I dont think Slate and Meadow are available but there are lots more choice from the older ranges.

And also as if having these lovely beauties available wasnt good enough, there is also free delivery on Peachy Greens at BabyBumBoutique but as an extra special thank you, the lovely Amanda has give me a code for free delivery on anything until the end of Feb to share with you! So to get free delivery on BumGenius, gNappies, Tots Bots, T&T and any other fluffy goodness, simply use FLUFFYMUMMY in the box (it only works with the saver delivery not 1st/rec).

Michelle x

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