My new Blooming Gorgeous bag

Yes it’s that time of year again when I treat myself to a new bag – actually it’s a bit later then usual as the new season of Pink Lining bags were released later then usual and this year it was my birthday present treat

As with my previous two bags from Pink Lining, I went for a Blooming Gorgeous bag and this was due to a few reasons. Firstly, I love this bag – see the review here, the size (it’s bigger then the more popular Yummy Mummy ones), the bigger pocket on the front, and yes I even prefer it saying Blooming Gorgeous than Yummy Mummy – and let me just be the first to say that I dont class myself as either of those! So BG it was for me and I do have to say I wasnt bowled over by the new prints for the spring/summer 2013 season but this one did stand out as my favourite and I’m sure once the sun decides to make an appearance and I start to feel summery I’ll love the print even more.

They do seem to have changed the side pockets from having a flap cover to no cover at all but I dont really use them so it doesnt really bother me much. I will try and do a post about the new bag types they’ve released soon. And they have gone up in price since I bought my old one at the start of last year, they were £75 and are now £79, but I do still think they are worth it. They will easily last you 3 years as they are so well made and durable. They are just designed so well, by a mum for mums!

Oh and I bought mine from Mummy and Little Me which is also where I bought my previous bag from and their customer service/delivery is fab. And at the minute if you spend over £70 you can get a free Sophie the Giraffe toy by using code SOPHIE13 which is a lovely freebie to have! Do let me know if you bought any of the new prints or if you already have a Pink Lining bag if you prefer the BG over the YM style.

Michelle x

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