Tots Bots/Frugi prints and BumGenius new Elemental


Tots Bots have released 4 new prints which have been designed by Frugi (the lovely people who make organic clothes for babies and kids). I havent yet as seen an official announcement by Tots Bots or Frugi but it appears that they will be available in Easyfits (velcro fastening only) and cost £16.99 each. Now I’d like to think they would also release them in Teenyfits and wraps but I’m just not sure, I’ll be watching Tots Bots Facebook page for updates.

I think the prints are lovely, Ladybird, Owl, Dino and Rainbow Spot but I do think they’ve missed a trick in that Frugi sell organic clothes, so why not make the nappies organic? They are the new V3 style with minky inners – I personally prefered the old V2’s which had a bamboo/terry mix inner as they were so much more absorbent. So Being a Frugi nappy I think it would have been nice to give them organic inners, as I know a lot of other people prefered the V2’s for absorbency and it just makes more sense! I’m also hoping they will come out in snaps as well as although I really do love all the prints, I just cant stand velcro so otherwise wont be getting them.

Babipur are I think the first to open up preorders for them, but I’m sure other retailers will be stocking them as well. There’s not been mention of these being limited in numbers so it might be worth holding off to see if offers on them in packs or discounts follow – plus Real Nappy Week 2013 is less then 2 months away so I’m sure they’ll be offers then!


Also in nappy news, I’d heard BumGenius were doing something will their organic Elemental nappies but I wasnt sure exactly what. But now they have released a new style Elemental nappy (these used to be called Organics in case you were wondering). Elementals are a great nappy and are one of our personal favourites, they only come in snaps (yay for us) and are organic cotton so are super absorbent and are surprisingly trim on. The downsides to them have always been they are a little on the expensive side (but worth it I think) and they take an age to dry as the layers were sewn in at each end.

Now the price is still the same but then new features are that they have basically taken a Flip nappy and attached 2 organic cotton inserts in at either end. Well it’s a little more technical than that I’m sure but that’s how I understand it. The Youtube video explains it all much better, so quick go take a look and you can buy the new version now at Fluff Heaven.


Basically you can now tuck a booster easily underneath the layers – which if I boosted one of our current Elementals, I’d just lay it on top as we always use a fleece liner for dryness anyway so it doesnt really matter if the booster was above or below the layers but I can see how it makes it easier/tidier. Not really sure on the modified fit as I always thought the Elemental fit really well. And as for less bulk for a trimmer fit, they were trim anyway and from what I gather, as they have taken away the very bottom layer that was sewn into the nappy itself then of course it will be trimmer without that in it but it’ll also be slightly less absorbent! I read somewhere that another reason they took out the bottom layer was people experienced leaks if the leg binding rolled out so the cotton would then wick onto clothes. I’ve never had this and we’ve been using them for about 2 and a half years but I guess it must have happened to some for them to change it.

Personally none of these changes blow me away the only change I really wanted to see was that the layers were only attached at one end so they’d flap out like in the Freetime so they would dry so much quicker! I just cant see why they dont make an organic Freetime, faster drying then the Elementals but more absorbent than the normal Freetimes, win win!

I love our Freetimes, except for the fact they need boosting and I love our Elementals except for the fact they take an age to dry. If I could mate them I would and create an organic Freetime (and take over the world muhahahahahaw! sorry, back on track). So I’m disappointed yes, I dont like the Flip leg binding, they always left marks on Chloe and the new Elemental ones look the same, thin and unpadded. I want to say I wont get a new Elemental but I’m sure I will just to properly compare it (and because I’m been meaning to do an Elemental review for ages so I might as well use the most recent version) but I definitely wont be going out and replacing our old ones as the new features for us just arent needed.

Let me know what you think about the new gorgeous Tots Bots/Frugi prints and if you like the new Elemental changes.

Michelle x

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