New BumGenius prints and Blueberry news


It seems like there’s new nappy news every week at the minute, and so following from the Elemental news last month, BG have announced two new prints in the Genius series. These are apparently very limited editions and will only be available in the V4 pocket (snaps only), which is a shame as it would be great if the new Elementals came in them. They are expected to be ready to ship shortly after 10th April and I think all BG retailers have preorders open, but in limited amounts. 


Irwin is inspired by Steve Irwin, A.K.A. “The Crocodile Hunter”, who was an Australian wildlife expert and conservationist. The print is camouflage-style and features a variety of wildlife, including elephants, alligators and bears, in shades of Ribbit, Grasshopper and Mirror with dark green and purple accents and has Ribbit colored closure and rise snaps.



599184_10151314231451640_1736731505_nMaathai is inspired by Kenyan botanist and environmental activist, Wangari Muta Maatha. The print is a floral design which features deep orange, Sassy, White and Mirror flowers on a Blossom background with small ladybirds. The rise and closure snaps are a mix of BG colours, including Blossom, Mirror, and Sassy.



I’m sure a Maathai print will end up in my shopping basket st some point. It’s a shame they  will only be in V4s though and that they are so limited as BG could really do with more prints but maybe another set will be out soon!

Swaddlebees and Blueberry have announced that they will merge into one brand and will use the Blueberry name. This is a great move I think, as I’ve often wondered why they use two names. They decided to go with Blueberry as according to them it looks better, there are more products currently under the Blueberry name and it’s easier to say for those whose first language isn’t English, I just think it looks/sounds cute!

The reason why they ended up with two names is that Swaddlebees was the original name and Blueberry came later when the company was trying out new designs.  In the past, Swaddlebees carried the more natural and organic fabrics and Blueberry used synthetics but the lines have blurred in recent years.  So in order to simplify things, all current Swaddlebees products will become Blueberry products e.g. the Swaddlebees Capri will become the Blueberry Capri.

I really love nearly everything they make so although this isnt a groundbreaking piece of news it will make finding their products easier in the future as they’ll all be under Blueberry!

Michelle x


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