Goodbye Google Reader, hello Bloglovin’

I’ve been using Google Reader for a long time and I love the simplicity of it, add a blog’s URL you like and it will keep track of new posts for you, once or twice a week I’d go have a read through the 100 or so blogs I had followed, all in one nice and tidy place, fantastic. But the other day when I logged on there was a message saying Google Reader will be closing as of July 1st! Oh no, panic!
Now even if you’ve never heard of Google Reader and just bookmark the odd blog you like then this post might still interest you as a way to have all your favourite blogs in one place for easy reading. Oh and please feel free to add any blogs you like to the comments and  I’ll add them to my new reader!
So once I had come to terms with my soon to be loss I’ve been looking at other reader type things and have decided to sign upto a few of the most popular ones and see which I like best. So I’ll post on other ones I like once I’ve tried them out a bit more but for now here’s what I’ll be mostly using.
BlogLovin’ which I know a lot of Bloggers already use (I’m so behind the times) so it seemed a good place to start and it’s free to sign up to and connect your blog to. I easily imported my Google Reader reading list with a single click, which wins cool points but it’s also super easy to add a URL and add that to your reading list. You can follow my blog on there here or click the nifty little widget in the side bar.
The interface is nice and clean and it’s simple to use, you can mark blogs as read etc but I’m not a fan of the fact you cant read the whole post, just a little mini first paragraph. As I do like to read whole posts without having to click on them to be taken to the full post, and sometimes you cant tell if a post will be interesting by just the first few lines. But for now it’s fine, maybe there’s a setting to show entire posts that I’ve not seen yet and if not then maybe I’ll get used to it or find another reader.
But anyway, if you havent already then give Bloglovin’ a go as it’s so much easier that having blogs bookmarked somewhere and if you already use Bloglovin’ or something else then please let me know how you find it. And dont forget to leave your blog or a blog you love below and I’ll be sure to add them to my list for a read.
Michelle x
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