A little catch up


The girlsP1070538

So Izzy is now just over 6 months old and about ohhhhhhhhhh 16lbs!? Which I’m sure is perfectly ‘normal’ and all that but damn she seems so big compared to Chloe, who didnt get to 15lb+ till she was 12 months old! I feel like I’m constantly putting something on Izzy and then going ‘nope this doesnt fit anymore!’. She is just so squishy and yummy though and Chloe is an even better big sister then I ever could have imagined – actually she’s a bit of a bossy boots/mother hen, telling me what Izzy wants and doesnt want! Oh and Izzy has just gotten her first tooth!! As with Chloe I didnt even know it was on its way till there it was and she’s still being a little angel with sleeping mostly through the night.

So Easter is here, which really equals chocolate in our family, although Chloe was super over the moon to get a big girls backpack with Peppa Pig on it. And I got Izzy this really lovely Tidlo Wooden Magnetic Wobbly Stacker, which although of course she cant really play with at the minute, she does like looking at it and chewing on it! But her favourite toy is the good old Jumperoo, when she gets going in that it’s like she’s trying to launch herself into space. Chloe was the same in hers and it sure does wear her out bless.



So that’s our mini update really, other then we’re still house hunting and wish spring would actually hurry up and arrive rather then the snow, (yes snow!) we’ve been having! Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday long weekend, the cold weather stopped us doing a lot of lovely things we had planned and as always it’s gone far too quick but family time is always lovely whatever we do.

Michelle x

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