Fluffy Mail

P1070672Feels like ages since I did a fluffy mail post so here we go! This gorgeous bundle of Peachy Green goodness arrived from Baby Bum Boutique this other day and yes it did cost me a pretty penny but I do so love the the PG one size nappies (see here) as the fit is amazing and they are so trim and pretty! I also ordered a Switcheroo in the cherries print, I’ve not tried them before so cant wait to try it, I’m sure a review will follow. They are all washed and ready to go on Izzy’s bum today and I’ll be sure to post a OTB (on the bum) picture next week!

And dont forget to follow Baby Bum Boutique on Facebook as they hold Thrifty Thursdays in which every thursday something new goes on offer, so it’s well worth a look out for and for any other giveaways they might have.

If you’ve received any lovely fluffy mail this week, feel free to post a comment about it, and have a lovely weekend.

Michelle x


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1 Response to Fluffy Mail

  1. How sweet! I used cloth nappies with my first and they were nowhere near as beautiful as the ones you can get these days. Just as well as I would have spent a fortune!x

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