Splosh: a genius way to clean



Okay so we all have to clean right? Well my OH might disagree actually, seeing as I can count on one hand the number of times he’s tackled the bathroom…………and have about four fingers to spare, but moving on.

I’m a big fan of the more eco friendly cleaning brands out there and they all do a fine job until I found out about Splosh which is eco friendly and genius design all rolled into one happy little green package. It’s so simple I really do wonder why we havent been doing this for years. Basically Splosh sell a range of cleaning products, you buy starter kit with a few bottles with concentrated product in them and you add water to turn them into full size bottles of cleaning product. But that’s not all, when you run out you just order small refill sachets and start the process all over again. So less waste to begin with and less bottles being made every time you reuse your original ones. And it’s great value as it works out cheaper (standard delivery is free) then buying ‘normal’ bottles at the supermarket, and yes they have great eco credentials, no nasties, not tested on animals, biodegradable etc (read more reasons why they rock here). And another well thought out thing they have done is that when you order refills they come in a box that fits through your letterbox, so no having to wait in for a big parcel or having to get it redelivered if you miss it etc, brilliant! If in doubt there’s an ace little video here if you need more convincing.

P1070548So to recap, you order a starter kit from them with the products you like, I ordered a four starter box (£12.95) with pomegranate & melon kitchen cleaner, spearmint & melon bathroom cleaner, a grapefruit washing up liquid and a lime washing up liquid. Or you can order a two bottle starter kit for £9.95 – as mentioned, standard delivery is free! A few days later it arrives and the magic can begin! So here’s what it looked like out of the box, each bottle has a sachet of the product, the spray ones are inside as they were too fiddly to get out the small hole but they are a lovely purple/red and pink when made up.


So then onto the magic, sorry the pictures arent that exciting but still I was super eager to get them made up, kind of felt like I was back at school in chemistry! So you pop the sachet in the bottle, fill up with warm water and wait a few minutes till it dissolves, give it a gentle shake and there you go a full bottle ready to use! And yes they do work just as well as anything else I’ve tried and they do smell lovely, the spearmint & melon bathroom cleaner is possibly my favourite.

So if you like using eco products and fancy trying something new then have a go, I’m super impressed and will be buying refills in the future. They also do a kind of recommend a friend deal, where if you pop my code 9A21E0 in the box when ordering, you’ll get £2 off your first order (and I’ll get £1 credited to my account). And then of course you can then share your code with your friends, and they’ll save £2 and you’ll get £1 and on and on!

Such a simple but brilliant idea and I cant even imagine the number of bottles it will save getting made! Oh and dont forget to follow them on Facebook as I’ve seen rumours that they’ll be launching a hand wash soon, cant wait to see what scents they come up with next.

Michelle x

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4 Responses to Splosh: a genius way to clean

  1. growupgreen says:

    Using refills is a great way of being kinder to the environment when we clean. I’ve just ordered a huge 15l bag of my favourite eco multipurpose cleaner that I can use to top up my existing bottles. Wikaniko offer a similar system to the one you are using, and you don’t have to buy it all in one go, and buying the bottles are optional if you already have a bottle you can refill!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi! I’ve bought big 5L refills of laundry detergent before but have had to buy online and spend x amount to get free delivery, plus they take up a lot of room in the cupboard – which is a tiny cupboard anyway! and the fact that I *always* end up spilling it when refilling the bottle as I’m so clumsy! But I love how these are so tiny they can be stored in no space at all, are easy to use and that I can just order and they’ll come with normal post rather than a courier! Would be great if more people used refills (whatever brand/make) rather than just assuming buying new at the supermarket is the only way to go!

      Hopefully the girls will grow up thinking refilling and reusing things is the norm! Will go and have a look at Wikaniko, have heard good things about them but not shopped there…………….yet! x

  2. Tanya says:

    Love this! Have ordered my starter pack – thanks for the code! 🙂 x

  3. Mrs. Clean says:

    Save £5 with code F9D201 if the one above is no longer valid.

    Happy cleaning!

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