Real Nappy Week 2013 giveaways and discounts

So here we are again, Real Nappy Week 2013, I will be adding to this list daily to try and keep it fresh, if you find something not listed then please comment and I’ll add it in! Also please remember that whilst getting a bargain or winning a prize is always fab, RNW is about encouraging new users to cloth, so dont forget to pop your LO in your snazziest fluff and show it off at any chance, playgroup, baby clinics etc. Or maybe just mention in a conversation how much you’ve saved when you saw xyz on offer and bought it or if they like a freebie then encourage them to enter some giveaways – they’ll have nothing to lose if they win a nappy and try it out (except maybe the fluff addiction that follows…). So get sharing on Facebook, tweeting #rnw2013 and #flashyourflufftalk about it at baby groups or mention loudly about RNW whilst changing your LO in a changing room and generally just try and promote cloth as much as possible, oh and have fun!!

Michelle x

Firstly you need to follow Real Nappy Week as they are holding a main Clothopoly game full of prizes plus there are daily giveaways, I’ve done a post about how to play here. Plus there are daily giveaways:

Saturdays giveaways are to win:

  • A Mio Solo bundle, enter here  
  • A Frugi gift and vouchers, enter here
  • £75’s worth of CJ’s Butter goodies, enter here

And the The Great British Nappy Hunt are holding a hunt to find Bill and if you can help them their are some more fab prizes to be won, info on how to take part here.

Retailer List – thanks to all at cloth nappy info for compiling some parts of this list

A Mama Knows (Facebook page only)

  • Fitted bamboo nappies for £6.50 plus p&p

Baba Me

  • 20% off everything
  • Plus a new daily deal, see their Facebook page each day
  • Free delivery over £30
  • Follow on Facebook


  • 15% off any order using code RMW13
  • Nominate a newbie to cloth and they could win a start kit and you can bag yourself a £30 voucher, see here
  • On Friday at 8:30pm stay tuned on their FB page as there will be nappies to win
  • Follow on Facebook


  • Up to 30% off Tots Bots (15% off Tots Bots Easyfit Frugi print nappies)
  • Upto 10% off BG V4 and Freetimes
  • Up to 25% off Itti Bitti
  • Up to 25% off Bambino Mio
  • Up to 20% off Close Parents Pop Ins
  • Upto 20% off FuzziBunz
  • Up to 15% off boosters and liners
  • Half price on a 5 pack of TB stretchies (3 brown and 2 orange) see here
  • Plus the chance to find a free surprise in your order, see here
  • Free delivery over £40
  • Follow on Facebook


  • 25% off selected TotsBots products
  • 20% off a selection of products from the following brands: Little Lamb; Charlie Banana; Green Line and Alva
  • 15% off selected items from the following brands: Close Parent; May Lily; Blueberry; MonkeyFoot; Rosie Boos
  • 10% off the following brands: Rumparooz; BabyMoos; Ruby Red Designs; Hahtuvahullu; Monkey Snuggles; My Little Patch
  • Free delivery over £25
  • And as it’s their 4th birthday they will be popping a little something special in with every order
  • Follow on Facebook

Baby Bum Boutique

  • 20% off TotsBots Easyfits and Bamboozles, training pants and Teenyfits included (10% off Frugi print Easyfits)
  • 15% off Panda Pants
  • 15% off Baby by Danish Wetbags
  • 10% off Rarpz
  • 10% off gPants and gCloth inserts
  • 10% off ALL Peachy Greens (no further discount on the multipack though)
  • 10% off all wool soakers and longies
  • 5 Peachy Green solo Luxe’s for £75
  • Bum Cheeks – 5 for £67.50
  • FREE Bucket with a pack of 15 or more BBB Basics
  • Plus all orders over £100 will get an extra 5% off
  • Free saver delivery when you spend over £40
  • Follow on Facebook as well.

Baby Peach

  •  20% off everything using code RNW13
  • Free delivery over £50
  • Follow on Facebook

Cheeky Wipes

  • 25% off all products (except the double wetbags) using code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook


  • Will be running a physical treasure hunt using geocaching – here for the list of geocaching locations on their website
  • Follow on Facebook

Fill Your Pants

  • Buy a six pack of Charlie Banana nappies and get a one-size free,
  • 20% off Charlie banana organic wipes, change mats, swim pants, training pants and organic underwear
  • Blueberry 2 for £18
  • 25% off little lamb
  • 20% off smartipants
  • 20% off bambino mio
  • Plus an extra 5% off your order (some exclusions apply) using code MCS6
  • Free delivery over £40
  • Follow on Facebook

Fluffy Bum Boutique

  • 15% off ALL nappies and accessories using code rnw2013
  • Free samples of Sweet Thoughts wool wash in the gorgeous Vanilla Sugar scent with every purchase of Felt Fusion wool soakers or longies
  • Plus a daily giveaway, see here 
  • Free delivery over £30
  • Follow on Facebook

Fluffy Tails

  • 25% off selected BumGenius
  • BOGOF on Little Lamb
  • Tots Bots and Fuzzibunz on offer too, see here
  • £10 Nappy Lottery – could be any nappy from Blueberry Bamboo Deluxe, BumGenius V4, bumGenius Freetime, FuzziBunz, Totsbots Easyfit and Totsbots Print Nappies
  • Free delivery over £20
  • Follow on Facebook

Fluff Heaven 

  • 20% off everything (not including sale or promotional items)
  • Flip Stay Dry Inserts – 3 for 2 using the special item on offers page
  • Flip covers – 2 for £15
  • Blueberry Coveralls – 2 for £18
  • BOGOF on Little Lamb nappies (plus 50% off wraps), BumGenius Newborn, BumGenius Onesize inserts, BumGenius Diaper Doublers, BumGenius Washable wipes and Flip Disposable Inserts
  • Jackson Reece wipes BOGOF
  • Spend £35 and get a free thank you gift (Ecosprout and CJ’s sample)
  • Spend £75 and get a free BumGenius Flip kit
  • Plus a new ‘deal of the day’ – announced on Facebook
  • And many more see here
  • Free delivery on orders over £30
  • Follow on Facebook

Funky Monkey Pants

  • 20% off Bumgenius (except v4 Maaithi and Irwin 10% off), Fuzzibunz, Leslies boutique, soap nuts, Pop in nappies, Thirsties duo diaper, Tots Bots easyfits and bamboozles
  • 10% off best bottom, planetwise, bottom bumpers, Thirsties all in ones, fab fitteds and duo wraps
  • A huge amount of other offers, see full list here
  • Plus new offers going live daily – Wednesday offers are here
  • For this week they will be picking one order a day, at random, and giving them an Ecovessel Scout Cup totally free
  • And all orders get a gift in their order, anything from washy wafers, wipes, boosters, and other suprises
  • Free delivery over £35
  • Follow on Facebook


  • 15% off the Frugi Tots Bots Easyfits with code BORIS
  • Free delivery (just try not to be tempted by the gorgeous clothes!)
  • Follow on Facebook

Kingdom Of Fluff

  • 25% off Tots Bots Rainbow Easyfits, Rainbow Teenyfits and Rainbow and Natural Bamboozle Stretchies (size 1 and 2)
  • Use discount code RNW2013 for 10% off all other Tots Bots stock, as well as Bambooty; Blueberry; Charlie Banana; Eco Egg; Grovia; Hooligans; Little Violets; Made by Amber; Panda Pants; Rumparooz/Lil Joey/Kangacare; Sheepish Grins and across all toys range
  • 5% off Monkeyfoot wetbags, CJ’s and Peachy Green wraps – already reduced on website
  • Free delivery on orders over £40
  • Follow on Facebook 

Little Gumnut

  • Buy 5 Cloth San Pro pads and get another free
  • 20% off with code RNW2013 (I’m assuming this only works on nappies)
  • Follow on Facebook

Little Lamb

  • 20 cotton nappy kit for £99
  • Follow on Facebook

Little Stitches

  • 10% off customs and semi customs with code RNW2013
  • 15% off in stocks – already showing reduced price
  • 25% off Cheeky wipes with code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook

Lizzie’s Real Nappies

  • 25% off all Bitti Tutto nappies
  • 20% off Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch
  • 20% off Charlie Banana
  • 20% off FuzziBunz ELITE
  • 15% OFF Imse Vimse organic training pants
  • Up to 20% off all Tots Bots nappies
  • 20% off our bestselling nappies – BumGenius V4 and Freetime
  • Follow on Facebook

Luscious Little Somethings

  • 20% off instock and custom nappies using code BILLYLLS20
  • 15% off fabric using code LLSSPRING15
  • Follow on Facebook

Made By Amber

  • 10% of with code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook

Millies Nappies

  • 15% off all order with code RNW13
  • Follow on Facebook

My Little Patch

  • 20% off with discount code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook


Nappy Go Lucky

  • 10-25% off across the site, no code needed
  • Free delivery over £40
  • Follow on Facebook

Natural Nursery

  • 10% off all nappies with code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook

Panda Pants

  • Free gift with all orders (on Etsy) placed from now until midnight Sunday 21st. You just need to put ‘boy’, ‘girl’ or ‘gender neutral’ in the comments box during checkout
  • Chance to win a £15 gift voucher to spend in our shop, enter here
  • Also after you place an order a special disocunt code will be emailed to you for use on future purchases
  • Follow on Facebook

Plush Pants

  • 25% off Rainbow Bamboozle mini kits
  • 15-25% off ALL nappies, eg 20% off Charlie Banana etc
  • Free delivery over £20
  • Follow on Facebook

The Clean Green Nappy Machine

  • Upto 40% off almost everything
  • Giveaway to win a huge Pop In bundle worth £272, ends sunday, enter here
  • Follow on Facebook

The Nappy Lady

  • Multiple offers, all listed here
  • plus 25% of all cheeky wipes with code RNW2013
  • 10% off when you use code flashyourfluff – not including already discounted items
  • Free delivery over £10
  • Follow on Facebook

Washable Nappy Co

  • 20% off with code RNW13 (includes sale items)
  • Free 43g Red Clover Nappy Cream on orders £75+
  • Free delivery over £75
  • Follow on Facebook

Wee Notions

  • 10% off the following: Fairy Hammocks (CSP – plus you still get a free one if you purchase 5) Cloth Nappy Gift Sets, NorthernLights, Wraps, Pockets, AI2′s and Inserts, Pocket Nappies and Inserts, Dribble Bibs, Washable Wipes, Breast pads, Hooded Towels and Embroidery when you use code RNW2013
  • Follow on Facebook
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8 Responses to Real Nappy Week 2013 giveaways and discounts

  1. Elle says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’d appreciate it if you’d mention on here that most of this was lifted directly from here: as it took myself and a few others a lot of time to put together and lay out. I note that you ask others not to copy content from your blog so I know you will understand my simply asking for a note of thanks for the work we put in.

    Kind Regards,


    • Michelle says:

      Hi sorry you think that I lifted your most of your list but I actually spend hours on mine yesterday morning, I did look at yours and I did add some that I did not have here and I’m sorry if you are hurt by that. But having done this list for two years now, I know that all the content is generally the same and every year I’ve had people use my list on their blog (and exact copy with no permission) and I’ve not had a problem with that as the main thing is sharing the RNW information. I took most of mine from various emails and direct from the site themselves before then adding all the facebook links and competitions.

      But I should have asked first, it was an error of judgement as like I said I’m kind of used to it with RNW but just because I dont have a problem with it shouldnt mean others feel the same. I should have make the extra effort to goog the information from the sites I did not have direct. I would say I’d delete it and re do it but the information would still be the same and look the same.

      I remember myself feeling very sad when my personal reviews of nappies that I posted on your forum were used on your site without you first seeking my permission or giving me credit for writing them. As they were not found from the net but were in fact my hard work in writing. I guess mistakes happen and I’m happy to correct mine and apologise for it. I will credit you and a link to the post above. Again sorry and it shalln’t happen again.

      Enjoy RNW!

      • Elle says:

        I’m sorry you feel that way, Michelle, but it was made clear that reviews contributed on the forum, as they were already in the public domain, would be used to help build a site intended to be the biggest information site of its kind. An opt out clause was also offered.

        Furthermore, all reviews not written by myself or other direct contributors have been credited to forum members. For the record, I would say that accounts for roughly a handful (and none are word for word) as all were rewritten to fit our evolving review format which is unrecognisable from the basic forum contributions.

        I didn’t ask you to remove or delete anything, simply to give credit to those who did the work – something you are incorrect in saying we have ever done. I hope the above explanation clarifies the issues.

        Thank you for correcting this and a very happy RNW to you, too!

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks for explaining but I didnt however see the post or statement saying my reviews would be used elsewhere and neither did a few other people. I’m not saying that there wasnt one but asking the people directly rather than putting a post up and assuming they’d see it and opt out might have been a better way to go. And at the time I discovered them being used there was no change to my reviews or credit given to me or others, but I’m glad to hear you corrected it at some point.

        At least it’s been resolved and now I’ll get back to finding those elusive last few Clothopoly pieces.

  2. Rebecca English says:

    This is great! Thank you! 🙂 Happy Real Nappy week to you! 🙂 x

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