The Great British Nappy Hunt


Something new for this RNW is that retailers are grouping together in order to better promote RNW and of course give us some fun and the chance to win big fluffy prizes along the way. The Great British Nappy Hunt has already started but you can join in everyday until the 21st April (register here). There are daily prizes and each correct entry also gets entered into the grand prize draw at the end of the week.

Once you’ve registered everyday you’ll get an email telling you what the daily prizes are and giving you a clue to start off the hunt! The clue will lead you to one of the supporters sites where you’ll have to search the pages to find Billy. Once you find and click on him you’ll then be taken to a page to answer some fun fluffy questions (answers again will be on supporters sites, facebook or on TGBNH’s page). And you can even pick which prize it is you’d prefer to win! You’ll get a confirmation email congratulating you on finding Billy and there will also be another clue to the second hunt to find Billy, and again once you find him you answer the questions to enter.

So there’s two hunts a day, so double the chance to win as each completed hunt gets you one entry into both the daily and weekly prize draws!! I’ve completed yesterdays and although it was tough at first the second time was much easier, I’ve yet to do today’s but I will do so as soon as I get a spare minute!

So dont forget to sign up and get hunting from now until sunday as it wont be back again until next year – at least I hope it will be back! And as if that wasnt enough to keep you amused this RNW, dont forget to play Clothopoly and of course there’s always some fluffy shopping to be had with all the amazing discounts going on everywhere!

Michelle x

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