Another fab fluffy event being held this Real Nappy Week is the brilliantly named Clothopoly! Full instructions on it can be found here, but basically you play the game by collecting pieces on supporter’s sites or facebook pages and then entering the URL of where you found each piece on the form here. There are also some ‘easy’ ways to enter by liking the supporters pages.

Sounds easy huh? Well actually it is a little harder than it sounds as there are 66 supporters and therefore 66 pieces to find! And in order to be entered into the grand prize draw you need to note down the letter on each piece that you find and when you’ve collected them all (and entered all the URLs into the form) you need to unjumble the letters to form a phrase which you also have to put into the form, phew! But dont worry, the game runs all week so there is no need to rush, I think little and often is the key to not getting burnout as it is a mammoth task!

To make it a bit easier the playing board contains links to every supporter (and the three daily giveaways mentioned below) and if you get stuck you can ask on the supporters facebook pages for help. Some have been giving clues away already and others are remaining quiet till later on in the week! This is a really big undertaking, and I’ve only managed to find a few so far.

The prizes are amazing, the total giveaway fund is over £8,300 with the grand prize itself being £500 worth of nappies, accessories and a changing bag (remember you’re only entered into this if you find all the pieces/submit the URLs and enter the phase). Then there are 10 runners up prizes worth £250 each and another 50 smaller prizes worth £75 each (you get an entry for the smaller prizes with every piece/URL you enter).

Plus there are three daily prizes up for grabs everyday of the week as well! You can find them on the Clothopoly playing board. There are two daily ‘Nappy Stash’ giveaways and a ‘Potty Luck’ giveaway – remember these only run until midnight, so check back each day for new ones. So far there’s been lots of fluffy goodness won and also five Trunki toyboxes and a Pink Lining bag!

So along with this and The Great British Nappy Hunt, I think this really is the best Real Nappy Week ever – not to mention all the discounts, I hope there’s lots of exposure for fluff and lots of new new fluffy converts!

Do let me know if you’ve managed to complete the Clothopoly (without giving any clues away), I’m off for another bit of searching, good luck!

Michelle x

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