Overdue update

Okay so Real Nappy week is over with for another year and I have to say this year was more fun than any other I’ve been part of! I can only hope it’s onwards and upwards from now on and next year there will be more nappy events and other fluffy happenings!

I didnt win anything but I did enjoy taking part – some things were a little more tedious than others but still I did buy a few bits. Chloe is now nappy-less both day and night, which deserves a huge post on its own about how brilliantly she’s done, a few days and she’s cracked it, she’s getting so grown up!! But yes I shall do a post about all that soon, Izzy of course is still in nappies and I did splurge a little, a few bits havent arrived yet but I shall do fluffy mail posts for them as and when but here’s a pic of some of the things.

P1070814Pretties!! Freetimes were on offer for £10 at Baba Me so I *had* to get a few as they are just so easy to use, The Dino Dunk and Fluff was from there too. The Monkey Foot wetbag (there was another as well, oops) and Hooligans nappy were from Baby Peach who had some great offers too. Plus there’s a Little Gumnut fitted nappy and a few bits and pieces from Funky Monkey Pants to come – which were mostly not nappy related I have to say! I think I was quite restrained really!

Some things which I wanted to get but didnt were night nappies, Izzy is 7 months now and boosting a day nappy just isnt working well so on to fitteds and wool it is. I have my eye on some Holden’s Landings Bedbugs – just need to save a few pennies first! I must do an updated stash pic one day, now that the sun is making an appearance it’s easy to get things washed in the morning and dried on the line so I shall have a go this bank holiday weekend maybe. Actually it’d be a lot easier to do it in two separate chunks, oh it feels like a challenge!

There will be some changes on the blog coming up, I’ll be moving over to self hosted soon and getting a bit of an overhaul so if this look a bit wonky or vanish then dont worry I’ll be back! hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and let me know what you splurged on during RNW!

Michelle x


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2 Responses to Overdue update

  1. Tanya says:

    grovia! twice.. after trialling a couple I HAD to get more! really pleased with them 🙂 still waiting for my wool pull ups to arrive.. excited! x

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