I have moved

In blog land that is, everything has been going on behind the scenes but stuff has been happened! I’ve moved the blog over to self hosted, which means I’ll have greater control of what I can do but the downside was it cost a bunch of money to pay someone to do the transfer for me and to pay for a year’s hosting and all that jazz. But it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages I just hated the thought of all that money going on something I do as a hobby but then I realised this blog isnt just a hobby, it’s a little bit of our lives, pictures and posts about things we’ve done – a virtual photo album maybe with a ton of pictures of both girls growing up! So yes it was worth it and it all belongs to me now to keep forever!

Next on the list is to give it a bit of a make over and to go round and update things as when I started this there was just Chloe but now there’s Izzy too! Plus I need to finish off about 12 half drafted posted about bits and pieces. And I want to blog about other things that interest me, so I shall!

So anyway just thought I’d say I havent vanished I just couldnt post for a bit whilst things were going on and happily it all went smoothly and hopefully nothing went missing in the process!

Michelle x

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