Amarya Beauty Box June 2013

Amarya June 2013

Okay so there are a lot of monthly beauty boxes out there, I even tried a few in a rush of not wanting to feel left out but they left me cold, containing mostly fake eyelashes, glittery lip glosses, and fake tan. None of which are my cup of tea (I dont even like tea but that’s another story) but then I heard about Amarya, the natural and organic beauty store which also has a monthly beauty/skincare box – only this one only includes the natural/organic brands they stock. So for £12.50 a month you get to try things from brands I love like Balance Me, John Masters Organics, REN and Zoya, plus new ones I’ve not heard of before – I wont go on but I could easily as there’s so many brands I love or that are on my ‘want’ list like Neom.

So anyway I signed up and tried it out and was super happy with the things I had to try, that was about a year ago and since then I’ve signed up to a year’s subscription. I cant say that every month there’s been something I absolutely love but it’s great to try out some new things that I wouldnt normally try. Some months they focus on a full size item and a few samples of other things and other months it might be a mixed box of mini’s to try. Either way I’m happy and it’s so nice to have a surprise coming in the post every month, it’s a lovely little treat just for me!

So now that I’ve waffled about what it is, what did I get this month? Well it was a nice mixed box, some brands I know and love, other’s are new to me.

REN BB Cream SPF15 15ml –  Really happy to try this as everything I’ve tried from REN I’ve really liked and I could do with a new tinted moisturiser/BB cream type thing and it’s the perfect size to try out, plus anything with SPF is always good.
Gielly Green Repair Shampoo 50ml – I’ve had a few things from their range to try before and although I wasnt blown away by them this is a perfect travel size.
Oxygen Hand & Body Cream – This smells amazing, a gorgeous vanilla scent and you can never have enough hand or body cream, I’ve always got about 4 tubes of hand cream on the go.
Green People Scent-Free Sun Lotion SPF 25 20ml – Perfect timing as the sun is just started to show itself and being on the fair side I always burn if I so much as walk past a sunny window. So this will get used and have popped in my bag for when we’re out and about (again another perfect travel size). Green People are a great brand and it’s nice to be able to know using it on the kids would be fine as there’s no nasties (although I’d use a higher spf on them).
So I was again really happy with this month’s box, £12.50 well spent, some practical things, something I’ve been wanting to try and something I’d not have bought but am looking forward to using as it smells yummy! Also every month in the little leaflet that tells you about the products there’s always a code for 20% off the brands in the box to use on the website. And shopping from Amarya is fantastic, free 1st class delivery and you earn loyalty points you can save and use as money off your order. So I quickly zipped over to the site and bought the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask that I posted about in my June Wish List. It’s like they read my mind as with the 20% off and I used some points I’d saved it cost the grand some of £21 and that was with the Zoya polish that fell into the basket as well, bargain!
So anyway the beauty box from Amarya is really great, as is just shopping from them in general and their customer service is really fab, do follow them on Facebook for the odd gveaway and offer. Plus they do a refer a friend offer where both referrer and referee can get a £10 voucher to spend on the site – if you’d like to try the monthly box and be my friend then leave me a comment with your email address below 🙂
Okay enough waffling, Amarya are great, go try them out and treat yourself to something, be it the monthly box, a new moisturiser etc and then let me know about it and share below please (cause I’m nosey like that!).
Michelle x
And no I’m not being paid to sing their praises, I really do love them,
all opinions and wafflings are my own and I wrote them because I wanted to.
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2 Responses to Amarya Beauty Box June 2013

  1. Lynne Whitham says:

    Hi Michelle
    I’ve just ordered from Amarya after reading your review. (They posted a £5 off £30 on facebook). If you would like to use the refer a friend offer that would be great.
    Thanks Lynne

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, yay for signing up, I really do find myself looking forward to the surprise every month! I will pop you an email about the refer thing as I think they have just changed it but we both get a box free – which would be fab!! x

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