Some July favourites: Love Boo, NYR, Amarya and a yummy kids Graze box

The sun has finally arrived and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got a grip on this new life with two small little people to look after/be bossed around by. So I’ve found a few minutes to sit down and share a few things we’re loving at the minute.

Love Boo butter

Firstly a few mummy items, I’ve been a big fan of Love Boo (previously called Boo Boo) products since discovering them when Chloe arrived, and we still use the bubble bath and the gorgeous smelling lotion virtually every day – there’s a mini kind of review here. Anyway a few months ago they had an offer on their facebook page which prompted me to try a few new things, and one of those things was their body butter (well actually it’s called a body smoother but you know). I’ve always just picked up Body Shop body butters before and to be fair they smell nice and do a good job. But now I’ve used the Love Boo one there’s no going back! It’s a really thick, rich butter but it melts into the skin, with no greasy feeling and if I’ve used it in the morning and my skin still feels lovely and soft at bed time. Not only that but it smells gorgeous, like their baby lotion, it’s a light baby powder kind of scent, clean, comforting, lovely. I started using it last month but it seems to be lasting, probably because you dont really need much, it is more expensive the the good old Body Shop ones but it’s so worth it, I’ll be looking out to stock up on some more if I see any good offers!

July goodies

And something that I have sadly used up is the Neal’s Yard Remedies, Bee Lovely Hand Cream, now I’ve not really bought or used much from NYR before and this hand cream was actually a freebie with a magazine a couple of months back. It sat in a draw for about a month till I spied it, opened it to have a sniff and then promptly kept it on my bedside table and used morning and night! It has a light orange smells and sinks into the skin beautifully, it’s really lovely but it’s £10 a pop! I’m kicking myself for not trying it when I first got it and picking up a few more of the magazines that had it, as for £3/£4 for the magazine it was a bargain!

Amarya July 2013

Also a few days ago my July Amarya box arrived, I always get excited around the 8th of the month as I know it’s due and it’s always a surpise. My previous post here explains all about what it is and how it works etc. I was again really happy with this month’s offerings, a gorgeous Zoya nail polish (I love Zoya polishes as they have no nasties in them) in a dinky size, which is good as I dont think I’ve ever in my life finished a whole bottle of nail polish. It’s such a perfect summer shade that I’ve already put it on my toes and they look now look ready for sandals.

Inside the box:
I love having a mix of new things to try and some favourite brands like Zoya and I love the JMO things that I’ve tried so interested to use the cleanser. I’ve heard great things about Neom hand cream so I’m looking forward to using that (hope it’s a good replacement until I can get some more of the NYR one above). I’m not sure what the tinted Dr Hauschka cream will be like with my pale skin but you never know. So I really liked this month’s box and it’s worth over £20 so not bad for the £12.50 cost.
And as usual there was a code for 20% off all the brands in the box on the Amarya site and I quickly went and snapped up a few more of the dinky Zoya polishes as at £5.15 each and then 20% off and free delivery I couldnt not! And as always delivery was the next day and here they are, all gorgeous and it makes me want to repaint my nails ASAP.
Zoya polishes
And I also re-signed upto Graze this month as they now do a kids box and I though that would be something cool for Chloe. It arrived with Chloe’s name on, which she loved and inside was:
  • ketchup soldiers – tomato dip and pizza breadsticks
  • say cheese – cheese croutons and mini tomato breadsticks
  • tangy twisters – juicy grape infused raisins, raspberry fruit strings, green mango and green raisins
  • golden flapjack – traditional rustic rolled oat flapjack

Kids GrazeInside kids graze

Now Chloe can sometimes be a bit wary of new things but she dived straight into the ketchup soldiers, which were a fun treat after dinner. The cheese snack made a nice afternoon snack the following day, the flapjack was tried but she surprisingly wasnt a fan (I however was, yum!). And the dried fruit was a no, which is odd as she loves fruit normally and like raisins! So they are £3.89 a box, which is a lot for 4 snacks (if she even eats them all) but it is a nice change from the normal fruit or whatever we have in, so I think I’ll give it a bit more of a try, a box every other week or something.

And in the lid was a space for Chloe to draw a picture, I think there’s always different game or something to do – anything that keeps Chloe amused for 5 mins whilst I sort Izzy out is always a winner. And if you want to try one for your little monster angel then please use our code (9CLZFW1D), as you’ll get the first one free and we get £1 to go towards our next one 🙂

I do have a few other things to blog about but I need to go tidy the kitchen – so glamourous I know! So I’ll leave it here and pick back up another day! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above and what you think, and enjoy the lovely weather – summer has arrived!!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Some July favourites: Love Boo, NYR, Amarya and a yummy kids Graze box

  1. growupgreen says:

    Consider hosting a NYR home party to get free NYR products. I’ve done it in the past and got some great freebies, just for having friends round for a drink! (I’m not a NYR consultant,so not promoting myself, just found it a great way to treat myself to stuff I couldn’t otherwise afford!)

    • Michelle says:

      Oh that’s a fab idea, I didnt know they did those. Although I’d probably end up buying lots, would be great to do nearer xmas though as I could justify a few bits as gifts! Thanks for the tip will look into it! x

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