Half price FuzziBunz cloth nappies!

FB summer of fluff

Yes you heard it correctly, there are half price nappies to be had!! FuzziBunz are having a ‘Summer of Fluff’ and you can buy 6 of their one size pocket nappies for £44.85, bargain!

One small catch if that I think they will be bringing out the new and improved 2013 version later on in the year but that doesnt mean these are bad nappies. We have used and loved Elites – I have to say that since trying the Charlie Banana one size nappies that they are now my favourite pockets but the Elites are still good and at that price they really are a bargain. Perfect for padding out your stash or maybe getting some spare nappies for nursery/nanny’s house etc or for putting away for a future baby?

But anyway our FuzziBunz Elite review is here if you want a look but in a nutshell:

  • They are a one size/BTP nappy and fit from roughly 8-35lbs
  • Have adjustable leg and waist elastics so you can get a perfect fit on your LO, whether they have a big/small waist/legs etc. (plus it’s replaceable should it ever go slack/wear out and a spare set of elastics is always included)
  • Are a pocket nappy and have a soft, stay dry fleece inner.
  • Comes with 2 minkys inserts which are as absorbent as mf but stain and odour resistant, quick drying and trim.

So there you go, if you want some cheap nappies then hurry as the offer finishes on the 20th July!

Fill Your Pants have the offer with free delivery over £40 as do other FB retailers or you can order direct from FuzziBunz who have free delivery over £30.

Happy shopping!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Half price FuzziBunz cloth nappies!

  1. Amy Everpean says:

    I totally love fuzzi bunz, this is totally such a good deal! I recently purchased some from http://www.gogonatural.com for around the same price!!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, it was a fab offer and I’ve heard good things about Go Go Natural before – such a fab name and lots of choice with good offers/discounts etc. Am looking forward to when the new version of Elite’s come out as well 🙂

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