Shopping and nappies

So yesterday we went to Meadowhall for some retail therapy, Chloe got to pick a new toy from the Disney shop (mummy rant: everything is so overpriced and they tried to get me to buy a £2 shopping bag and a £7 cuddly toy at the tills which I found a bit annoying!). Chloe loved it in there and picked a Jake and the Neverland Pirates figurine set. And in Mothercare they had a bit of a sale on so we got some big foam squares to make the patio area a bit more Izzy friendly and a pop up tent/tunnel (which is currently taking up all the free space in the living room! And we got a new bedtime story book, The Smartest Giant in Town
, another Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler
 book which I’m sure we’ll love considering we nearly own everything they have ever done – of course the Gruffalo probably being my favouritest book ever!

Then I splurged on a few bits in good old Boots (no shopping trip is ever complete unless it involves at least a look around Boots). Clinique Bonus Time is on, so if you buy 2 products you get a little bag with some bits in. I’m always a sucker for a free gift but to be fair I have been wanting to try their Lash Power mascara and new CC cream for ages and of course I earnt Boots points so it’s all justifiable!  Here’s what I think people call a ‘haul pic’ of everything, the free bits you get are:

  • Liquid Facial Soap Mild – will never use
  • Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – will deff use for my dry as parchment skin
  • All About Eyes – will give it a shot
  • A Different Nail Enamel in Pinkini – not really my colour but I’m interested to see what their polishes are like.
  • Dual Ended High Impact Mascara in Black and Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Guavagold – this is something I might pop in the change bag for those moments when you need a quick slick of something to make you look a litte more awake and with it, I never carry make up around with me but this is tiny so perfect.
  • Cute Mini Nail Files perfect for your handbag – handbag? I cant remember life before the bucket that is my change bag but again it’s small and cute and having a spare nail file to hand might be useful in some sort of an emergency situation or something?
  • Cosmetic bag – cute but probably, no definitely will never use.

Clinique haul

I hardly ever wear mascara despite having naturally almost blonde lashes which I hate, as I find it an effort not to end up looking all ‘spider leg eyed’ and I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts so any mascara that flakes or runs is a no-no. I heard that the Lash Power one is fantastic as it doesnt run or flake and is suitable for contact lens wearers. I’ve had a quick go of it this morning and the really dinky little brush means it’s easy to apply, especially to those tiny lashes and no spider leg looking lashes!! Time will tell how it fairs by the end of the day, £17 is a bit pricey (am sure I can get it cheaper online somewhere) considering I hardly ever wear mascara but maybe I’ll use it more often now I’ve got this one?!

I’m also not really a wearer of foundation or the new BB/CC cream thing unless we’re going ‘out out’ somewhere and then I use some tinted moisturiser or some mineral powder. I hate having anything too heavy or cakey feeling on my face and also I’m so pale that nearly everything I’ve tried in a light or fair shade makes me look like an Oompa Loompa! But my mum has the CC cream and said it was really lovely, I even tried hers to see what the texture was like – it was stupidly dark (I look liked I’d been painting my face with wood stain or something) but it felt really nice on, just like a thick day cream rather then a cakey/greasy foundation. I have super dry skin so I dont want anything that’s going to dry it out even more but the CC Cream is from the moisture surge range so it’s designed for dry skin plus it has a corrector in it to even our skin tone and the all important SPF 30. So I definitely wanted to try it and I needed to go to a store to be colour matched, so now I’m the owner of one in the lightest shade ‘very light’ – not just light, no, very light! Again I’ve popped it on this morning, my skin looks good, there are no dry patches showing but of course we’ll see by the end of the day!

There were some other bits I got in Boots, a new toothbrush for Chloe and other mundane things I wont bore you with! I think the Bonus Time is on till the 17th August but it’s only in store if you’re interested.

So on to the nappies, I’ve recently had a bit of a shake up on the nappy front and gone back to mostly using our Grovia AI2s (review here) as I  just love them so much, easy to use, trim, you can reuse the shells so there’s less washing to do and they look cute. So I’ve had a big clear out of mostly pockets (I hate stuffing them) and anything else that is fiddly/hard work. But I’ve also recently bought a gnappy as they are currently the new love of a lot of fluffy mummies out there. I did try them with Chloe and although I loved the look of them and the fact that they are an AI2 so quick to get ready to use, and again you can change out the wet insert and pop in a fresh one, I just didnt feel the love. Especially as they only come in velcro and oddly do up backwards which takes a few goes to master. Compared the the Grovias the G’s just felt fiddly so I stuck with the Grovia. But I’m willing to give them another shot as I kinda fell in love with the Fleur print, and it jumped into my basket when I was getting some bits from the lovely Laura at Kingdom of Fluff, again here is the haul pic and a pic of Izzy rocking the Fleur gnappy.

KOF haulFleuf

So I got some more of the most awesomest Goodmama wipes, my absolute favourite wipes ever, the fleur gnappy, a gorgeous owl DnF AI2 nappy, some baby legs and a pair of Rock a Thighs – basically really long socks so Izzy’s feet are warm and her knees are protected whilst she crawls around, brilliant and they work, they stayed up brilliantly and I love the bright rainbow colour! There are expensive at £12.50 but we’ll use a lot of use out of them.

And my order from Goodmama arrived the other day as well, so I was very happy but this is the last time I think I’ll order direct as the postage is just so expensive, on top of what is already a luxury priced brand. But anyway I am super in love with the nappy, I went for a Goodmama ‘One‘ nappies which dont need a cover over the top and it is a lush as it looks, seriously fluffy and soft, gorgeous! And some more of the Goodmama wipes and one of the new style wetbags that has a gusseted bottom, meaning that it can stand upright when it’s got nappies in and it holds more. And it’s in such a gorgeous fabric I couldnt not get it (I am in need of new wetbags so it wasnt a silly buy), I’m not really a fan of the huge straps on it as I always keep it on the floor but still, pretty!

GM haul

I also have my eye on some of the new Monkey Foot gusseted  that are due here soon, will keep you posted on that, I think Laura will have some instock in the next week or so. But that’s a quick update on us, we are currently house hunting which is oh so much fun and the planning needs to start soon for both Izzy’s and Chloe’s birthdays!!! Ideas on a postcard please!

Michelle xx




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