Tired and poorly

Yes Izzy is poorly, nothing serious but she’s had a high temp since Sunday night, meaning no sleep for mummy, a grumpy Izzy and a lot of cuddling to get her to sleep. She’s fine otherwise, just hot and grumpy, hopefully today will be the game changer and she’ll feel better.

I cant believe we’re now in September, it feels like now that we’ve got two kiddies, time is sped up and I constantly feel like I’m behind. And tired, I am SO tired (even before the up all night with Izzy being poorly). So I think it’s time I cracked on with eating a bit cleaner, especially before winter comes and all I can think about it hot chocolate and spongy comforting puddings with custard – it was a big mistake writing that, I’m so hungry right now… But yes so I need to drink more water, eat more fruit and veg (especially spinach, broccoli etc), oh might even retry a weekly veg box and challenge myself to use everything up in it (if you call something a challenge than of course you’re instantly more enthusiastic about it!). So will report back on that and see if I feel better in a few weeks time.

But also this is a super busy month for us as we have OHs birthday, followed a day later by Izzy’s first birthday and then a month later it’s Chloe’s fourth birthday! So lots of planning to do, Chloe has already picked that she wants to go to the aquarium for her birthday and she’d like a bike/scooter. She also likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates atm so I’m thinking about that as a possible theme, with maybe a hidden rainbow cake? Eeeps so much to think about and then of course a few months later it’s Christmas, think I had best get a plan of some sort made up as I can see in the future this being a really expensive part of the year!

Right must dash as I’m sure Izzy will start getting her grump on any second!

Michelle x

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