On a health kick

Okay so I still need to do something about feeling run down and tired all the time so here’s what I’m going to do about it and if I still feel the same in a month or two I’ll head to the Drs for a check up or something.

Firstly, eat more veg, especially greens, spinach, broccoli etc. I think I’ll reset up our veg box delivery from Abel & Cole and make it a goal each week to finish everything in the box. It will also mean I’ll have to kick the meal planning up a notch as I’ll be working around what arrives but that’s also a good thing.

Viridian Vitamins

Vitamins: I’ve had the same pot of vitamins on the go that I bought just after Izzy was born – yes a whole year ago! I’m not great at taking them everyday or it would appear every week, month etc. So I’m going to make it a routine to take it every morning by leaving the pot out on the worktop every night before bed so it’s staring me in the face when I come down in the morning. And I have some new vitamins to try from Viridain which look like they’ll be a good (if I can actually remember to take them of course). I also have some liquid iron from when I was pregnant which again I’ll be leaving out on the side and adding to my morning glass of juice (another new addition to the start of my day).

Contigo Swish

Next on the list is water, yes I know it’s obvious but I’m like a camel and hardly ever think to have a drink during the day. I’m not a tea or coffee drinker (unless it’s an iced coffee kind of deal), and although I’m constantly making sure the little ones are hydrated during the day, I find myself only really having a drink at meal times if I’m lucky and maybe whilst watching tv in the evening. So probably four ish glasses a day when I’m sure it’s advised to be eight! So I’ve bought a lovely new water bottle, a Contigo Swish (although I got mine off Ebay, new for less). I like it for a few reasons; I can see how much water is in there and it doesnt hold a huge amount, I think 500ml so maybe two glasses worth – which I find a good thing as it’s an easy amount to drink without feeling depressed there’s loads to go iygwim! Plus it looks nice and has a nifty button you press to release the water, there’s no straws, lids to open or faffing about just press the button to sip, and release to close (the button is in the position your fingers naturally rest when holding the bottle so it’s not uncomfortable or anything), it’s really well thought out. Plus it means if it gets knocked over or the children pick it up to play with then there’s no leaks! Oh and I like the rubber bit on the base as well and the fact it’s not fiddly to fill up either, you just unscrew it and it’s a wide opening so good for putting ice in.

And lastly sleep! I’m not getting enough of it and when I am getting eight hours I still wake up feeling like I’ve had three! So I got some new bedding a few weeks ago and a new pillow – I actually think we need a new mattress but as we’re hoping to move soon I’d rather hang on and then buy a new bed and mattress then. I’m also going to set myself a bedtime and even if I’m not tired I’m going to go upstairs and read for a bit to unwind. And I have my eye on This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which I’ve seen talked about in a few places or maybe the candle version would be better, will have to do some searching later.

This Works pillow spray

Anyway that’s my plan, I know it sounds pretty easy and normal to a lot of people but I feel I need to go back to basics as since having Izzy everything seems like a lot more work. And I’m sure I can incorporate new things into it as I go along, maybe some healthier snacking, exercise etc but for now I just want to wake up and not feel like a zombie and be yawning at 4pm and feel like having a nap! If you have any other suggestions then please do the commenting thing, thank you!

Michelle x

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