New 2013 prints for Tots Bots, BumGenius, Grovia etc

So it seems that everyone is releasing new prints at the minute, so I thought I’d do a quick round-up, if I’ve missed any then please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to update!

So firstly was the new Frugi range of Tots Bots Easyfit nappies, Happy Bee, Flower Fox (my favourite), Orchard Days and Farmyard  and are £17 each. Now I do love these but I just so wish you had the option of snap, so I sadly wont be getting them – also TBs if you’re listening please bring back a bamboo inner version of Easyfits! But anyway the new Frugi prints are available from Frugi direct (I dare you not to buy some clothes too, especially as they have free delivery) and are available to pre-order from everywhere else, due date for them on the Fill Your Pants site says 4th Nov.

Edit: I *think* you can use the code BORIS at Frugi to get 15% off, not sure if it’s meant to be used on nappies or just clothes but might be worth a try!

Happy Bee Frugi EasyfitFlower Fox Frugi EasyfitOrchard Days Frugi EasyfitFarmyard Frugi Easyfit


Okay so next is good old BumGenius who have announced some retired colours and prints (boo) and some new prints (yay). So firstly these are being retired and will no longer be produced in any of the BG or Flip ranges: Butternut, Ribbit, Blossom and Zinnia in the colours and Lovelace, Irwin and Maathai in the prints. Which of course means they will be getting sold off cheaply and in fact Nappy Go Lucky have a deal on the retired prints at the moment. So I dashed over and picked up a Maarthai in V4 (I’m not a pocket fan but it’s the only version the print comes in and it’s too cute) and a few elementals (I prefer the old style but still they are a great workhorse nappy for £15 and I love Lovelace!). So anyway hop along to Nappy Go Lucky (free delivery over £40) if you’re after some cheap(ish) BGs, I’m sure other retailers will follow soon!


Retired BG colours and prints 2013

On to the new prints, yay! These will be available in all the BG and Flips formats, the new Genius prints are Carrol (I love Alice in wonderland so might have to get an elemental in this – shame about the white tabs though) and Jules which I also love and might have to get! The Chelsea Perry traveler collection has Top Hat and Piccadilly Circus – nice bright colours, a bold choice for BG, might get a circus as well, oops! These will be open for preorders at Baba Me (and I assume Fluff Heaven and other retailers soon) next week for delivery in November.



Next onto GroVia which are probably one of my all time favourite nappies in the AI2, so this was I was excited about! So here they are, I’ve heard that they are due in to Fill Your Pants in January but not sure if other retailers will be getting them then or before/after. So we have Pudge (super cute Panda), Drift, Sweetgrass and Poppy (love it!).

Grovia PudgeGrovia DriftGrovia SweetgrassGrovia poppy


Okay so here’s Charlie Banana’s new prints, which are all lovely and are available now, I have Cherry Blossom OS in my basket at Fill Your Pants. Cherry Blossom, Under the Sea and Ahoy are new, Woodland was previously only available in multipacks so it’s new as a single buy. And Orbit and Under Construction have had a refresh so are slightly different to how they previously were.

Charlie Banana Cherry BlossomCharlie Banana Under the SeaCharlie Banana AhoyCharlie Banana Woodland


Charlie Banana OrbitCharlie Banana Under Construction


And there’s still more! From Blueberry there are two new prints which are maybe a bit too on the safe side for me, would love Paisley in a bolder colour but still new prints are always welcome, I think these will be across the range, so Simplex, Capri’s, Coveralls, OS etc. Not entirely sure when they are coming in but I think it’s soon!

Blueberry  prints 2012


And, yes I k now you’re probably bored by now and aren’t even reading this just scrolling through looking at the pics but still here’s Rumparooz new print, Charlie which again I’m not sure when places here will be getting it but hopefully soon, it’s very cute.

Rumparooz Charlie

So that’s it (I think), lots of pretty new fluff heading are way, let me know which you like best and I might see if I can rustle up a giveaway!

Michelle x

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