Pics from the last few weeks

Yes we’ve been super busy again, Chloe turned 4, we all got sick and lots of other things in between but rather than ramble on, here is a more visual update of the last few weeks – I really need to get sorted on Instagram, would make it much easier!

Wee Notions fluffy mail

Fluffy mail from Wee Notions in their new One Size AI2 style nappies, cant wait to try them properly, pic of them on to follow……………………..Bazinga!


Love Lula October Box

My Love Lula box arrived and I love mostly everything in there, the Ren stuff smells amazing, the beauty balm from Herbfarmacy looks interesting to use and am looking forward to trying the new Weleda shampoo. I’m a loyal L’Occitane follower on the hand cream front so I might give the Cowshed one to my Mum as she gets through hand cream like no body else I know! Still a great box, well worth the £12.50 it cost, cant wait till the next!


A well needed breakHurraw!

A well needed break was needed the other week and the Lindt hit the spot, but it did make me feel all Christmas-y! Also my favourite lip balm, Hurraw, that I’ve been meaning to mention, it lives in the desk drawer and gets used multiple times a day. It’s black cherry scented (delicious) and slightly tinted, organic, vegan and made from raw ingredients. Am glad it doesnt taste like black cherries or I’d be constantly licking my lips! Health shops and place like that online sell it, but I think I got mine from Ebay, they do others but I think the black cherry is the only tinted one.


Izzy moustache

Izzy doing a pensive ‘I moustache you a question’ face whilst we were out on Chloe’s birthday having a delicious Pizza Express.


Chloe moustache

And then Chloe’s version which she made on one of the game apps on my phone, and she now constantly wants to take everyone’s picture to put a ‘tache on as it’s hysterically funny (well it is a bit!).

That will have to be it for now as Izzy is waking up from a too short nap and we need to get some things sorted out as Chloe is starting nursery tomorrow!

Michelle x

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