Fluffy news from Bumgenius, Tots Bots and Milovia


BG hummingbird

Hey it’s been awhile I know but there’s been some fluffy happenings of late so I thought I’d do a quick round-up, firstly BumGenius have brought out a new colour, Hummingbird which will be available in all the BG/Flip nappies. Very pretty, I did think they might bring out a new hot pink, to replace the now discontinued Zinnia pink, especially with it coming up to Valentine’s a prefect time to launch it. But still it’s a nice colour and I would put it on Izzy, if we actually needed to buy any new nappies! There’s no actual release date yet for them over here but they are out this month in the US.


TBS Binky

Also Tots Bots are at it again and have announced the release of the V4 easyfit, now with bamboo and minky (which they call binky!) making them thirstier then before but still fast dying and they now always come with a booster for heavy wetters. A step in the right direction I think, as nearly everyone I speak to prefers the old V2 which are bamboo over the minky V3. Also they have redesigned their wraps and rather than having size 0, 1, 2 etc they now just come 2 sizes to match up with their famous Stretchy fitted nappies. Plus they are now even comfier with a stretchy fit and supersoft leg cuffs – a really great improvement! And they have a new booster coming out as well featuring the new ‘binky’ material.

TB wrap


The the big news for most is that they also have new prints coming in the V4 and wraps! Now I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the prints, they are a little too cutesy and somewhat babyish for us but I’m sure they’re going to be very popular. The theme is nursery rhymes and features (from left to right): Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, Incy Wincy Spider, Sixpence and Hickory Dickory Dock.

TBs prints

Preorders are open everywhere and delivery should start around the 10th of feb. Plus, dont forget to follow Tots Bots on facebook as I’m sure they’ll be having lots of giveaways nearer the release of them.




Milovia prints


And lastly I wanted to draw attention to the Milovia brand which is newish to the UK and they make pocket nappies, wraps and wetbags, all made entirely of European fabrics. Now yes they have really fab prints (love the owls and pirates) but the other cool feature is the microfiber inserts, now I’m not a fan of mf in general but these are super thick and absorbent and best yet dont have that catchy/scratchy mf feel to them.

Milovia BTP

The Milovia wraps are really good quality as well and they can be used as just a normal cover over fitteds or you can use the Milovia inserts with them (or any inserts that fit, even prefolds) as an AI2 system – much like Flips. I really like them and Fill Your Pants have a fab offer where you can get a Milovia 2 part bundle (in either small/newborn size or the BTP) and 3 of the stay dry inserts (in either small, medium or large) for £21.95. Under £22 for 3 nappy changes? Yes please!

Milovia AI2

I think that’s all for now, we’ve tried both the Milovia pocket nappy and AI2 wrap with the inserts, and I prefer the AI2 just for the fact that I’ve never been a fan of stuffing pockets! The fit is nice, they lasted well just using the large insert on it’s own, and I love love love the owl prints! Definitely worth giving them a try, action pics to follow once I find my camera!

Michelle x




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