AppleCheeks are back


Good news! Kingdom of Fluff are now stocking the AppleCheeks pocket/AI2 nappies and I’m so glad as I really loved them when we tried them on Chloe (read the review here) but then I couldnt find them stocked anywhere, so yay to KOF for bringing them back! They come in two sizes and have a really great range of bright colours and a few limited edition prints (Laura at KOF is getting some more in next week hopefully). I just used them as a pocket (there’s a choice of 3 different inserts – the bamboo inserts are fab and thirsty) the fit was lovely, they looked cute, no leaks and the insert agitates out in the wash on it own – always a winner for me!

AppleCheeks inner

And there is a 10% off them when you use the code APPLES until the 3rd March. I’ve already placed my order for a few and cant wait to see them on Izzy. I think they’re such a good-looking nappy that actually works super well too. Also I really do love the bamboo inserts as they fold out for faster drying and are super absorbent but you can use any insert really, a prefold or anything else you have that works for you. I’m going to see if I can boost them and use them at night as I’ve heard Mummy’s across the pond have used them at night boosted with no problems.

Okay enough rambling but if you’re in the market for trying something new then do give these a whirl – even if you’re a pocket fan or not, I’m certainly not a pocket fan in general but these are better and prettier then most pockets we’ve had. I will probably update the review I did of them to include how they fit and work on Izzy but I have a feeling they are going to very popular especially in summer when you get to show off the fluff as these are just so cute looking, see below for the new colour and print arriving next week!

AppleCheeks new


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