Our crafty fun with the Toucan Box

When browsing for some craft ideas I could do with Chloe I came across the Toucan Box website, the concept is fab, you pay a monthly fee and get sent a box with all of the things required to complete some fun crafts. Since moving house half of our craft stuff is still hidden away somewhere (possibly the shed of no return) so this really appealed to me as even in a kids magazine it sometimes requires you to find your Art Attack sized craft collection of things make something on the inside cover.

If you dont want to read all about it (my posts are a bit long and rambly) then head to the bottom of the post where I’ve found a code for a free taster box or a code to get your first box half price.

There are 3 subscription tiers and you can cancel at anytime:

One craft toucanBoxPETITE £3.95 + 98p P&P

  • All the materials for an exciting activity
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every fortnight

Two craft toucanBoxGRANDE £9.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 2 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £4.95

Four craft toucanBoxSUPER £16.95 + £2.95 P&P

  • All the materials for 4 exciting activities
  • Colourful instruction booklets
  • A book to share together
  • A parent card with more ideas and inspiration
  • Stickers to collect and exchange for gifts
  • A new theme every month
  • Add extra materials for a sibling for just £9.95

I picked the Grande box with 2 crafts inside, paid the £12.90 and waited a few weeks for it to arrive. You also get an option to select which themes your child would prefer, there are lots to choose from, Ballerina, Bugs, Colours, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Sea Life, etc.

So it arrived (Chloe spotted her name on the box straight away) and I was actually quite excited to see what was inside too.

Toucan Box The theme was Ocean, we had a lovely book and the craft projects were to make Jellyfish Racers (Chloe insists we race them every-time we enter or leave the kitchen) and a pair of Hermit Crabs. Plus there was a parent card explaining what the box was helping Chloe to learn and other things we could do to explore the theme further. And there was a big chart where you stick on a sticker once you complete each craft project (we got two in our box) and you save them up to exchange on the site for things like a yo-yo, pencil case etc.

Inside the Toucan Box

I have to say the quality of the materials was really good and for things like the Jellyfish racers we had tons of ribbon left over so if your LO ‘messes up’ a little and cuts something too short etc then you should still be fine. We made the Jellyfish racers first, Chloe loved threading on the beads and sticking on the googly eyes the best and of course making them race!

Jellyfish racers craft

We stuck them to the fridge door with the sucker pads provided and you alternate tugging on their legs to make them race to the top – Chloe (who is super competitive) seems to nearly always win!

Jellyfish Racer timeDaddy helped Chloe with the Hermit Crab craft a few days later, it involved painting, more threading with pipe cleaners, cutting, sticking, again all which Chloe loved doing.

Hermit CrabsI think of the two crafts the Jellyfish racers were our favourites as we’re still playing with them now and we’ve kept the instructions so that we can make them again in the future. Where as even though the Hermit Crabs are cute they’re now just sat on a shelf and probably wont get played with again.

At nearly £13 for a book and two crafts it is on the expensive side but it’s so nice just to be able to have it all ready to go, rather then having to think about planning something and then not having something when you need it. And just to do something totally different! I have kept the subscription for March’s box and I think I might even upgrade to the 4 craft box for the summer holidays!

They also have a free taster box, simply go here and use the code TOUCAN to get the free box (I think you need to add your card details and then cancel once the free box has been sent if you dont want to be charged for the next months box).ToucanTaster

Or if you sign up to their newsletter here then they send you a code for 50% off your first post (wish I knew this before I signed up!).

Chloe is already looking forward to the next box and I will definitely be posting about it and hopefully inspire people to get crafty (whether they get a box or not)!

Michelle xx

P.S. I bought the Toucan Box mentioned in this post and did this post because I wanted to share something we really liked, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.




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3 Responses to Our crafty fun with the Toucan Box

  1. Wow, saw your blog on my new Tots 100 sidebar and so glad I did – these Toucan Boxes are so cool, am signing up for the newsletter now! My daughter is probably a bit young for the crafts at 11 months and I’m so looking forward to starting this stuff with her.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello! Oh fabby, I’m sure she’ll love doing it when she’s a bit bigger, I’m definitely going to be ordering a big one for the summer holidays! Making your own play dough is also lots of fun and I’m sure she’ll love giving it a prod and squeeze. Hope you have fun whatever you do 🙂

  3. Candice says:

    We get the Toucan box, and every month my son and I spend some time together being arty. Great quality of product

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