A quick catch up

We’re so busy here atm! Am still sorting out the house after the move, every weekend we find something else that needs putting up or moving about and now the weather is getting better there’ll be the garden to sort out as well. Which actually I’m super excited about as it’s a nice big flat garden (our old one was up a hill) so we’ll be able to get the girls a slide or a swing or even a trampoline!

Izzy and Dill

We’ve also got a poorly doggie but hopefully he’s finally on the mend now (he is 15 so he’s doing well bless) and he just adores the girls. Izzy is constantly getting into his bed whilst he’s in it and then reads him a book or simply just ‘talks’ to him. And speaking of dogs, we also went to Crufts this year and it was so good! We did spend quite a bit though but it was a lovely day out and next year we’re going to have to get up earlier so that we can hit the shopping properly and catch some of the shows! We left Izzy at home with Nanny but Chloe loved it – especially as we met up with my Aunty, Uncle and Cousin who were competing in the Flyball.

I cant believe it will be April soon, I have so much to do! I think I need to do a bit of stationary shopping (who doesnt love stationary shopping!) and start making myself to do lists – and actually stick to them and get things done!

Be back soon with some fluffy updates!

Michelle x

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