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BG Countess

So following on from the fluffy news I posted in feb (read all about it here), when I said I found it odd BumGenius didnt bring out a new girl colour along with the new Hummingbird (green-y) colour and I even mentioned a new hot pink would be nice. Well they of course must have heard me as soon after they announced Countess to the line up – a hot pink! Can’t say I’m a fan of the name, but I much prefer the colour itself more than the old Zinnia colour. This should be available at BG stockists asap!

BG Audrey

But they weren’t done there oh no! There is a new print as well, called ‘Audrey’ which is very cool, I really love it but sadly we dont need anymore nappies! There is no stock here yet and no eta on when it’s coming in but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very popular. Baba Me are the UK distributors of BG and so it’s worth following them on Facebook as they tend to do the best offers on BG nappies and have all the updates etc.

Pop In new prints

And there is new stuff from Close as well for 2014, new prints, a slight tweak on the Pop In nappies and a newborn nappy!!! So prints first, here are Russian Dolls, Lions, Robots and Hippos! I love them all but sadly they are still only available in velcro, which we’re not a fan of so even if we needed new nappies we wouldnt get these, a real shame as Pop Ins are really great nappies.

Close New Gen V2


But they have slightly updated the Pop In design and changed a few things. They are now called the New Gen V2 and the laundry tabs are now moved to the sides of the nappy and concealed so it doesn’t touch baby’s skin and simply pulls out for washing. Which is a fab improvement as one of my big bears about the old version (see here) was that it was such a pain to do up the laundry tabs when they were in the middle of the nappy. But still please bring them out in snaps! The elastic at the back of the soaker has been removed to speed up drying time and the back poppers have been replaced with tab poppers for improved comfort. Please not that due to the change of poppers, soakers and boosters are not compatible with previous versions of the Pop-in nappy. Fill your Pants have the new Gen V2 Pop Ins they are £16.95 and the prints only come in the bamboo inner material.


Close new bibsClose new car seat protectors


Close new playmat



But the new prints are also available in their bib range, swim nappies, car seat protectors, training pants and in their awesome new playmats – which I would love to get to use as a picnic blanket as it’s soft on one side and waterproof on the other.

Close newborn

Okay so then on to the newborn nappy and all it’s cuteness – sadly these only come in the pastel shades, no prints yet! But they look to be a great newborn option, you can get them from the Close website for £39.99 for a pack of 10 double sided inserts and 6 shells. Weight range: 5-12lbs, 2-5.5kgs.

Close newborn shellClose newborn inner

The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer,, the outerwrap can be easily be wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the insert over come change time. The clever double sided inserts means you can choose between 100% soya or stay dry suede cloth against baby’s delicate skin. I would definitely be getting these if we had another squish, yes they only come in velcro but that’s totally fine for a newborn nappy, it gives the best fit and you dont use them for long. These are really well designed…………. I am not feeling broody, I am not feeling broody!

Bambooty Basics

Lastly there is a new nappy on the block from Bambooty called Basics which are £10 each!!! They are a BTP AI2 and I actually snapped one up when they launched a few months ago as they reminded me so much of Itti Bitti nappies which are now super hard (and expensive) to get hold of over here. They have that same soft minky outer, sadly no prints in the Basics line yet but there are 15 block colours to choose from.

Now there was an issue with the first stock of Basics nappies, they quickly sent out an email to say they had noticed the inserts had not been as expected and were only 2 layers of micro-fibre not 3 as expected. So they gave you the option of a refund or they were happy to include a 3 layer bamboo booster – which is the option I took. Please note this issue has been fixed now and all current stock is the 3 layer. I will do a review in due course, we definitely needed to use the booster but for £10 these are a great little stash filler of a nappy!

I think that’s all the nappy news for now, although of course as soon as I post this someone will announced something new – just watch!

Michelle x


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