AppleCheeks mini review and discount code

Our current favourite nappies at the minute for Izzy are AppleCheeks, not only because they look super cute and fit really well but because teamed up with their amazing inserts they work really well and are a breeze to use. The full review from 2011 when we first tried them is here – it is on my list of things to update but the I think I actually like them more now then I did then!

AppleCheeks mail


So I ordered these from the lovely Laura at Kingdom of Fluff a few weeks ago along with 1 of each of the three different inserts they make so I could test them all out. A standard stay dry, a 2 layer bamboo trifold and a 3 layer bamboo trifold and I have to say I like them all but for general day to day the 2 play one is amazing and dries super quick and the 3 ply is fab for long naps etc although it does give a fat bum but the trade off is well worth it going 5 hours once with no leaks!

AppleCheeks insertsThe mf insert did a  perfectly good job – especially when boosted with a LL bamboo booster but the bamboo ones are a winner for me. If you’ve got a heavy wetter then go straight for the 3 ply but otherwise I’d say go for the 2 ply as you can always add a booster if needed. And of the best things about these nappies is that the inserts agitate out in the wash on their own, yay! I’m not usually a fan of pockets as OH always ‘forgets’ to give the insert a tug before putting in the wetbag and some are fiddly to stuff. But not these, every time the inserts have come out in the wash without me doing anything to them beforehand and that’s with using the AC inserts and sometimes a combination of my own And they are super easy to stuff as the opening is near the middle and opens up wide so no thin narrow tunnel to stuff and having to make sure it all lays flat etc, it’s super easy.

Inside AppleCheeksAnd lastly the fit, as they have that elasticated bit at the front, they really seem to hug Izzy’s belly, with no gapey bits. It’s nice and stretchy but gentle elastic too and doesnt leave any red marks, I love the fit of them and think the slight ruffles make them stand out and look really cool for summer. They come in two sizes, we’re using the size 2 and if I had another LO I wouldnt hesitate to get these in the size 1, I bet they’d be great.

AppleCheeks fitAppleCheeks side


They are my favourite nappy at the minute, so much so I’ve just bought a few more, the new print and the gorgeously summery orange, again with the 2 ply inserts, of course you could use you’re own inserts and I have plenty of bamboo boosters and inserts but I love the ease of the trifold, just one big piece to hang up to dry, fold and stuff, no hunting around for 2 or 3 different pieces etc. I really love the grey colour they do as well and the yellow looks super summery but I think I’ll have to stop myself for now unless I sell all our other nappies first and replace with AppleCheeks (and believe me I’m tempted to!)

AppleCheeks Love HappensAppleCheeks Orange You GladAppleCheeks Winging ItAppleCheeks Envelope Cover: Steel Me


So lastly until monday 14th April, Laura at Kingdom of Fluff is doing 10% off the AppleCheeks range with the code APPLES Even if you’re not a pocket lover you should try these as they are just so simple to use and they can also be used as an AI2 if you prefer and as I said you can use your own inserts to keep costs down but the inserts are definitely awesome,

Michelle x



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