Real Nappy Week 2014 is coming and fluffy mail catch up

I cant believe it’s that time again, Real Nappy Week is nearly here! It starts on Monday and there are already a few retailers putting up their offers early so if you’re after something then do check everyone’s Facebook pages for codes or what have you.

The main places to check on giveaways etc are

The Real Nappy Week’s facebook page here

The Great British Nappy Hunt’s facebook page here

Sadly we dont really need anything but I do have a few things written down, the 2 new BG colours are on my list, they’re so bright and lovely, so hopefully they’ll be a good discount or offer on those somewhere. I also might stock up on some Rocking Green, Violets, Eco Sprout or what have you, as I do like to have some nappy safe laundry powder in and give the nappies a good wash in it every now and then. Also some more Applecheeks and some of the brilliant bamboo inserts they do – I want extra so I can use them in other nappies. I’m going to have a bit of a destash soon and will probably only be using Applecheeks, a few BG elementals/V4s, GroVia AI2 and a few ‘pretty/custom nappies’. Oh and thinking about it maybe I should get a few training pants, as who knows when Izzy might start, I’ve heard second children PT faster as they want to be like their bigger siblings, so thinking ahead!

Actually that looks like quite a bit! Good thing it’s just been payday!

So onto fluffy mail, we’ve again all been poorly for the last few weeks, the kiddies get sick and then when they’re starting to recover I come down with it, fun! I really need to up my vitamin intake and maybe start the day with a power packed smoothie or something!

But anyway here is our most recent fluffy mail,

KoF fluffy mail

From the lovely Laura at Kingdom of Fluff some more of the AppleCheeks and inserts whilst she had the offer running on them, and new version Pop In so I can update my review – love the print so much!

CSP fluffy mailAnd then (please excuse the dark pic) some fluffy mail for me! Some CSP (I think it’s also being called AMP – Alternative Menstruation Protection) and some gorgeous wetbags. Again I ordered whilst there was an offer running at My Little Patch, they stock DimpleBum CSP and then do matching wetbags and they stock the new Cheeky Wipes CSP, reviews on all to follow. Was nice to get some mail for me for a change! I love the double wetbag at the back and hopefully might get another in a bigger size. The small ones at the front are pad pods, that fit a single pad in and are pul lined so you can discreetly carry a spare with you in your handbag – fab idea!

Right off to go get some fresh air with the girls and hopefully get rid of this lurgy, I’ll try and post RNW offers on the Fluffy Mummy facebook page (I really need to start using it more) and maybe post about a few really great bargains on the blog.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Michelle x

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