Real Nappy Week 2014 offers, giveaways and competitions


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I know I’m a little late to the party this year but I’m feeling awful and better late than never I guess. Whilst grabbing a bargain or even winning some fluff is always fab, do remember the real aim of RNW is to spread the fluffy word and get more parents thinking and hopefully using cloth. So do tag non cloth using friends in giveaways, loan some fluff to a friend to try, chat about all the fun your having during RNW at a local playgroup with other mums, go mad on instagram and #flashyourfluff and #realnappyweek on twitter etc!

And for more info on Real Nappy events in your area, nappy libraries or for some general cloth info for a newbie head towards

So here’s this years list, I’ll do another post about the two main competitions running this year, but for now happy shopping and if anything doesnt work or you spot anything else then please leave a comment!

Michelle x

Retailer List 

Baba Me 

  • 20% off everything
  • Free delivery over £35
  • Follow on Facebook


  • Special offers on a selection of nappies, TBs, Pop Ins, Flips, GroVia etc. All found here
  • And every day from the 28th April to the 11th May they are popping 30 prizes a day into some lucky orders!
    6 x Pop-in V2 Print nappies
    5 x printed promotional wet bags
    5 x printed beach balls
    5 x violets magic laundry sample packs
    1 x Piccalilly applique bib
    8 x pebble knitted owl rattles
    To be in with a chance all you have to do is place an order on the Babipur website for resuable nappies or accessories of £20 or more 
  • Free delivery over £45
  • Follow on Facebook


  • 20% off everything with the code RNW14
  • Free delivery over £30
  • Follow on Facebook

Baby Bum Boutique

  • Buy any gPant this week and you will get a gCloth insert for free
  • 15% off Tots Bots nappies and wraps
  • 10% off Peachy Green
  • 15% off Charlie Banana
  • 10% off WAHM nappies
  • 10% off wetbags
  • Free delivery when you spend over £40
  • Follow on Facebook as well.
  • 25% off everything, will come off at checkout
  • Follow on Facebook

Cheeky Wipes

  • 25% off all products – including their new CSP range. No code needed, discount will come off at checkout.
  • If you spend over £50 they’ll add a free small double wetbag to your order
  • Follow on Facebook


  • Cant see any offers at such but follow on Facebook in case there’s any giveaways

Fill Your Pants

  • Lots of nappy offers here including Charlie Banana, Blueberry, GroVia, Milovia etc
  • Free delivery over £40
  • Follow on Facebook

Fluffy Bum Boutique

  • 15% off ALL nappies and accessories using code RNW2014 
  • Wonderoo giveaway here
  • Free delivery over £30
  • Follow on Facebook

Fluff Heaven 

  • Same offers as Baba Me above but they are having website issues on both sites so it’s worth trying both
  • Free delivery on orders over £35
  • Follow on Facebook

Funky Monkey Pants

  • Lots of Special offers here really great place to try something diffferent, especially some hard to find US Brands as well as BG, TBs, etc
  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Follow on Facebook

Kingdom Of Fluff

  • 50% off Tots Bots Easyfit V3 Rainbow Colours – Already reduced on the website
  • 25% off Wonderoos, Tots Bots Easyfit V3 Elements and White – Already reduced on the website
  • 20% off Frugi Easyfits, Bumgenius V4 Pockets, Freetimes and Elementals, Eco Egg 720 and 210 kits (excludes refills) – Already reduced on the website
  • 10% off the following WAHM nappies: Hooligans, Kara Bumba, Made by Amber, Panda Pants, Poshbugs, Weenotions Pockets and Wraps, Balmy Nptiond fluu size tubs and oils, Noah’s Ark Baby wetbags – Already reduced on the website
  • 10% off gNappies – Already reduced on the website
  • 5% off Blueberry Sized Basix – Already reduced on the website
  • Plus we also have 15% off the following nappies with discount code RNW2014 OR free delivery with code RNW2014FREEDEL Alva, Applecheeks, Bambooty, Blueberry Onesize Basix, Onesize Simplex, Onesize Deluxe, Mini Deluxe, Charlie Banana, Close Parent, Dunk n Fluff, Grovia, Guerilla Fluff AI2, Holdens Landing AI2, Lil Joey, Rumparooz, Tots Bots Easyfit V4
  • Each order received during Real Nappy Week will go into a draw for the chance to win one of 4 Wonderoos Onesize Pocket Nappies!
  • Free delivery on orders over £40
  • Follow on Facebook 

Little Stitches

  • 30% off ready to go nappies with code RNW14
  • Follow on Facebook

Lizzie’s Real Nappies

  • 20% off BG Freetime, V4 and Elementals
  • 25% off A Mama Knows
  • upto 20% off Pop In nappies
  • upto 25% off Little Lamb nappies
  • 15% off Charlie Banana
  • 10% off FuzziBunz
  • 25% off Beco Potties
  • Giveaway to enter here
  • Follow on Facebook for daily deals

Luscious Little Somethings

  • 10% OFF up to a £50 spend – 10PERCENT
  • £10 off when you spend £50 – 10FROM50
  • £20 off when you spend £90 – 20FROM90
  • £30 off when you spend £120 – 30FROM120
  • £50 off when you spend £180 – 50FROM180
  • Follow on Facebook

Millies Nappies

  • free delivery when you spend over £10
  • Follow on Facebook

My Little Patch

  • 10% off everything with discount code Real10
  • Follow on Facebook

Nappy Go Lucky

  • 20% off everything, discount will be automatically applied at checkout
  • Free delivery over £40
  • Follow on Facebook

Panda Pants

  • 10% off with code PPRNW14 
  • free shipping & free gift happen automatically but you can specify boy/girl/mama in the checkout box if you don’t want a total surprise!)
  • Follow on Facebook

Sew Sew Nice

  • Extra 10% off when you use code RNW14
  • Follow on Facebook

The Clean Green Nappy Machine

  • 20% off almost everything
  • Follow on Facebook

The Nappy Lady

  • Lots of 20% off offers, find them all here
  • Follow on Facebook

The Nappy Stash

  • 15% off everything with code RNW14 – they stock Itti Bitti nappies in colours and prints!
  • Free UK postage on all orders
  • Free gift when you spend £30
  • Follow on Facebook

Washable Nappy Co

  • 10% off with code RNW14
  • Free delivery over £75
  • Follow on Facebook

Wee Notions

  • 15% off the instock products here
  • 10% off a selection of our custom made items with code wnrnw14
  • Follow on Facebook



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