Real Nappy Week 2014 giveaways and competitions

Okay so following on from my RNW offers post here, today I’m hopefully going to explain the two main competitions that run during RNW. You still have plenty of time to enter and I’m guessing the majority of people will have already completed them both but if you’re like me and generally leave everything till the last minute or are confused about what’s going on then hopefully this helps!

Firstly there is The Great British Nappy Hunt which have bonus prizes up for grabs on their facebook page here but the main event as such is of course the nappy hunt! Basically you sign up here and then you go and search the sites that are participating and donating prizes and once you find the Billy image with the word on, click him and it will take you to another page where you enter the word you saw and it will record your entry for that site. It finishes at Midnight on Sunday 4th May, so there’s still a few days left to get searching and win those lovely fluffy prizes, see here for the full list.

But if all that seems like hard work then there is another option (or an extra way to win if you fancy completing both!). There is a baby hunt this year, which is the same as above but it’s an image of Billy and his baby sister Bella and is quicker but still has some lovely prizes – see here. Again this finishes at Midnight on the 4th May. I think I’ll start with the Baby one and see how I go! and dont forget to check each sites facebook page in case they’ve posted any clues as to where Billy might be hiding or just to check out their RNW offers! Good Luck!

Next there’s the Reusable Nappy Association that I think is a little bit easier as there are clues! So everyday on the facebook page above there is a Gold Spot prize from a different retailer, with a simple link to a rafflecopter entry form. Super simple!

And there is an online Reusable Pursuit and an in person Passport Pursuit you can play. For the Passport Pursuit have to collect a sticker from a real live event or meet up and then collect another sticker from either another event or from shopping at a local store or online. Then sending them off to be in with a chance to win, all info is here. But if that is something you’re not likely to be able to do then fear not, the online Reusable Pursuit is for you!

So the Reusable Pursuit is super easy, it’s a massive rafflecopter based system, so you go here to start and there are lots of easy ways to enter by simply liking (lots) of fluffy nappy facebook pages. And then for each participating website there are 5 questions, which have a clue to where the Pursuit logo is hiding on their site, you find it and the copy and paste the URL into each of the boxes. So there’s 5 pieces hiding on each site, or if you cant be bothered with the clues, some are easy and some more cryptic then you can just do as the GBNH and just search the site for the pieces.

I hope that all makes sense, find things and win basically! I’ve never won anything in a RNW competition but there’s always a first time and I never usually complete everything, I just do some until I get bored as there is possibly hours worth of work to be had!

Good luck hunting and clue solving!

Michelle x


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