Gorgeous fabric and pads alert

So my wetbag I ordered from Sew Sew Nice arrived last week and the fabric is gorgeous, the bag is beautifully made but I’m seriously not sure I even want to use the bag now as it’s just so pretty! The photo doesnt do it enough justice but it’s a lovely soft smooth almost silk like feel to it as well.

Sew Sew Nice wetbagAnd you can have the print (which is summer night lights twilight) made as a dress as well! If only I have the spare pennies! So do go check out Sew Sew Nice as there are a ton of beautiful fabrics that I havent seen anywhere else and follow on Facebook for any offers.

DDB pads

And some more fluffy post for me arrived, some super pretty pads from Dinky Dot Bots, these arent the custom ones I ordered but a sneaky order I got from Feminine Wear, as I just loved the heart print so much and because I wanted to try them out asap! I think FW have sold out of the DDB atm but I hear there are more on order and FW is a great place to order a few different types of pads and cups from lots of different brands. Again the pads are so well made, no wonky stitching or anything, simply lovely, I will definitely be ordering more customs from DDBs, as I do prefer a slightly longer pad, and you can choose a more flared pad, different lengths or different centre stitching etc, really customisable. You can follow DDB on Facebook or see the amazing custom CSP and nappies on their site here – honestly a custom nappy for Izzy is high on my wish list atm! Will do a full review once my custom order arrives but they really are a work of art!

Still havent gotten round to finishing off the new look on the blog, we’re doing a big garden make over this week so hopefully once things have settled down I can get caught up with my ever growing to do list.

Michelle x



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