Some new finds to read and watch

I love reading blog and more recently watching video’s on youtube so I thought I’d share a few recent finds and old favourites.

Blogs: (I use BlogLovin to ‘store’ all the blogs I follow, super easy sign up then just search for or add the url of the blogs you like and new posts will be updated there, so you can read them all in one place, dont forget to add me too!). – Meal planning, crafty crocheting (I really want to take it up as a new hobby) and CSP talk. – A skincare guru, lots of info on what do to with your kind type and more importantly what not to do, the cheat sheets are always a good read. – Only came across this the other day when looking for organising inspiration, also she makes some beautiful cards. Again I’d love to get crafty again but there just never seems to be the time! – A long time favourite, I think every parent should have this bookmarked as there is just so much wonderful stuff! Since moving we’ve not done much crafty activities as some things appear to have gone missing along the way but I’m going to order replacements and have a craft/messy play day once a week for the girls.


Pinks Place – CSP and cup reviews.

A Model Recommends – Beauty, skincare and other bits, makes me feel like I’m keeping upto date with make up and things when really I barely even wear it! Ruth’s video’s are interesting, funny and easy to watch – always a brilliant combo!

Amanda Muse – A Canadian mummy living in Malaysia, talking about her toddler and baby, beauty stuff, again just a lovely, funny lady to listen to.

The Bubblelush – US mummy of 2 kids, vlogs about them, crafty stuff, meal plans, general life etc. The yoga class fail video is super funny, another funny, lovely lady!

There are tons more but I’ll share some more next time, maybe even make it a monthly thing and if you have any to share then please let me know in the comments.

Michelle x

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2 Responses to Some new finds to read and watch

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!

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