Getting organised

So since having Chloe and Izzy, life seems to just be running on a day to day basis, I keep saying I’m going to meal plan but I never quite seem to get around to it. And with Chloe starting school in September I thought it was about time I got organised. I’d been eyeing up a few things from Busy B for a few weeks when out of the blue they decided to have a sale, yippee!

Busy B goodies

So  I clicked right on over and got a few bits, a receipt book, school year calendar, recipe folder and some sticky notes. Oh plus I also got an extra 15% off with code BB15 for it being my first time shop with them and free delivery which is always nice. I think it was £21 in total, but the calendar alone full price from elsewhere is £14 so I thought that was super good and it arrived really quickly. The quality is really lovely, nice thick pages on the calendar and pockets everywhere and the recipe book has space to put in hole punched pages and some cute little mini plastic wallets as well as cards to write out your own creations and it has a built in stand and a clip at the front so you can see what your doing when cooking. I love how the calender has sticky notes at the bottom to write bits down on and stickers for birthdays or whatever you want to use them for, a really nice touch.

Busy B calender


So I spent the other night filling out all the dates on the calendar (oh the thrilling life I lead now) and filling the recipe folder with all the random pages of magazines that I tear out whenever I spot something yummy. So hello I’m Michelle and I am now semi organised! Tonight I shall make a meal plan for possibly the rest of the month and go through our budget to see if there’s anything I can save or reduce and then I just need to follow it all!

The sale is now finished over at Busy B but you can save 15% off your first order with BB15 and it’s free delivery over £15 if you too need to get organised.

Michelle x

 I bought everything mentioned in this post and no one asked me to write this, I just thought the products were really cool and wanted to share!

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